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intramuscular steroids

Hi haven't been on for a while bouncing in and out of hospital

Just been to see my consultant today and he has now suggested i.m steroids every 2 weeks am currently on oral dexamethasone but he feels this isn't enough

Just wondering if anyone else is on I.m steroids rather than oral and if they find it does work better and also what steroids they have injected this would be a long commitment eventually they will teach me to administer myself have googled it but not a lot came up so any feedback info would be helpful

Hope everyone is well

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When I was having chemotherapy a year ago, I go IV steriods before hand, I had chemo every two weeks and found for a few days my Asthma was great after the IV Steriods. sadly it only lasted a few days.


Hi sounds like your having a bit of a rough time so I hope everything settles for u again soon!

I was on im steroids (kenalog) for over 3 years once a month and I have to say I found it very beneficial. I found that I got less obvious side effects and because it's slow release due to its distribution from the muscles that it generally made me feel better for longer.

Im sorry I cant be of more help but if u have any questions please feel free to pm me :) becca


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