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each attack getting worse ure experiences

i am currently on day no 12 of admission after a vry serious attack am stil on iv aminophyline which dose has been upped as stil not having much affect after 12 days. Starting to get worried each attack is harder and takes longer to get over and meds become less effective (nebs every 2 hrs plus prn). Has any1 got same prob if so how is becoming over come any advise wld be good kym

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kim how long ago was your diagnosis? it sounds like you are having no luck in finding the right cocktail of drugs to control your asthma i am assuming they have you on pred what drugs are they using in a neb i have severe attacks like yourself and have been for for about 20 years but in between these spells i cope very well if they have only got u salbutamol nebs ask them to try you on the ipratropium ( atravent) salbuatamol mixture that works for me


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