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hi everyone

Havent been on here for a while but recently have been experincing heart palpatations and flutters then a rapid heartbeat. Last night i went to bed at about 11 after experincing another episode managed to fall asleep but woke with a jolt and gasping for breath at 3 this morning then experienced palpatation and heartbeat went up to around 160bpm. found the oncall dr and this morning have had a heart tracing which is borderline and the dr has prescribed adizem. I was just wondering if this heart condition could be to do with all the stress my heart has gone through when having attacks. Has anyone else experienced this. I have to go back to my drs tuesday to have blood tests and arrange for a heart monitor for a week.


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Hi Kym

My heart problems have been attributed to my frequent, severe asthma attacks. I used to get very tachycardiac and have chest pains, which developed into horrendous chest pains. I (cleverly *roll eyes* lol) decided to ignore it, until I was in hospital with poorly lungs when I happened to mention it. The ECG showed I'd had a heart attack. None of the doctors really believed it as I was 27 then, they didn't worry until the Troponin T blood levels came back raised which confirmed that I had suffered a heart attack. I was told it was likely I'd been having lots of small heart attacks as I'd been experiencing the pain for about an hour a night, for a few weeks.

Now I take amlodipine and have GTN spray for when I get an episode of chest pain. It's most definitely related to my horrible asthma, the more out of control my asthma is, the more chance I've got of suffering chest pain. I now suffer with coronary artery spasms, where one of the arteries to my heart go into spasm and reduce blood flow, causing angina like pain. It's all great fun but I suppose it could be worse!!

I hope the tests get to the bottom of whatever is going on, and that you're feeling okay.

Dawn xx


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