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Contact/Skin Allergies...rather fed up


Hope you guys are all doing well. I'm doing O.K. I've had a rough patch lately with my breathing. I think I am finally correctly diagnosed though as having a congenital trachea problem. So some asthma meds. help, but apparently my inflammation is caused by inhaling food. Not fun, but also not much the docs can do about it.

That said, I seem to be having a ton of issues with skin allergies. I know I'm allergic to a preservative (propylene glycol), and a fragrance (basalm of peru).

I switched toothpastes about a month ago because I think mint is also bothering me, but am still having problems with scabs on my lips with strawberry toothpaste.

Then I hope this isn't too much info., but I went to the ob/gyn doctor today because she had treated me for a yeast infection in January with pills (which never work), because I am allergic to the cream option (which has the prolylene glycol in it). But I used it anyways, because apparently there is only one medication for that in cream form. Ug. So obviously it didn't work.

So I just got to wondering...does anyone else have to deal with this? I mean I actually only have maybe two lotions I can buy at the drug store, one shampoo, etc., but I usually get by O.K. But what ended up happening was my nurse ended up sending me home without a prescription, said she'd look into it by calling the pharmacy, she didn't, and then now here I am still really uncomfortable...and I'm not really sure what I can use. So I now have to wait the whole weekend to sort this out, and I'm really fed up because I think she should have looked up the correct medication cream option in the first place.

My allergist gave me a list of items i can use 5 years ago, but it doesn't say anything about that on it. I also think I might be allergic to the mint in my toothpaste, so I should probably get tested again.

But it's such a pain! I have about 7 specialists, and I'm working in a residency program 60 hours a week, so I'm just frusterated this week. I almost had to go to the ER twice last week for breathing, which on my list comes higher than skin irritations...

So I was just wondering if anyone else has these issues? And if so what have you found that helps?

Thanks a lot,


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