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mild COPD, headache and breathing problems

A couple of years back, I had breathing problems and the doctor gave me a blue inhaler. This made a big difference. They said i had mild COPD

Living circumstances changed and I found I didn't need the inhaler all the time (I moved to a new house that didn't have a smoky diesel boiler for one thing).

However, every time I get a minor cold, my breathing shuts down. It isn't my lungs, it's the airway to my lungs, feels like it is closing nearly completely and I have to work very hard to breath carefully. Relax, slow deep breaths. My breathing whistles and I get out of breath when speaking. If I don't pause speaking then I get a headache, feel dizzy.

This is triggered by smoke, burnt toast, air freshner, that sort of thing.

No cold atm, but things are hit and miss. Had an episode yesterday, I'd been outside in cold air, came in and I had to fight to control my breathing. Body wanted to pant, headache, sweating and trembling, gradually got things under control with slow breathing. My wife (who is training to be a nurse) checked my pulse - it was fluttery with skipping half-beats. I had no problem getting air into my lungs as long as I concentrated on long slow deep breaths.

This is so intermittent, I'm never going to have symptoms while visiting the doctor and I feel a right hypochondriac going to see them when I feel fine! I did have croup severely when I was a kid, but 'the interwebs' tells me that doesn't happen to 40 year old adults.

I'm a generally fit adult, cycle a lot (about 150-200miles a week), so this is really bugging me.

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Hi mrcharly,

I would definitely go to your GP and get it checked out.


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