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Symbicort Smart Study

Hello everyone. you may or may not remember me telling you all I was taking a part in a symbicort smart study. My part in this has now been concluded and the results sent off to be analysed with everyone elses.

I found it a good thing to take part in and for me it was a turn for the bete. I have had to have no prednisole at all this winter past and have felt less breathless and coughed much less than previously. so much less that my work colleagues have commented on it. I have had one viral cold, one chest infection, and one heavy cold this year and it has not affected my asthma too much. I have had extra puffs but no more than 6 extra in one day and that was only once. I find it much easier to inhale than the normal inhalers which just make me cough badly.

I only have mild asthma which of course may be better with this sort of treatment. It certainly is worth a trial I think.

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