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Magnesium drips?

Hi I've read lots of messages on here and thought I'd find out more about the treatment I had in hospital two weeks ago but I don't seem to have found any mention of anyone having had magnesium drips.. are they normally called something else? I was given them as the drs walked on the ward in the morning to find me a lot worse than I had been when admitted the day before. Boy it was like being given a new set of lungs after that first drip... it really opened things up for me.

Is this a rare treatment?


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hi there,

Magnesium drips are also called magnesium sulphate drips. Everytime im admitted i get this and another drug called animophyline (?sp)

Its important to note that most asthmatics who hav an attack respond quite well to nebulisers all be it frequent use of them. I personally am a brittle asthmatic so im not really the standard asthmatic but as i hav nebs at home if these dont wrk its usually because i need hospital treatment which involves the iv drugs and oxygen... I also hav had steroid injections and a few times hav had ventolin infusions. As for the effects of the magnesium it wrks fabulously if it wrks for u! It doesnt wrk in all asthmatics but those who do respond usually do fairly quickly. Its a very very gud drug in my opinion as it always helps me and has prevented a lot of icu admissions for me!

Hope this has helped out hon if i can b of anymore use feel free to private message me. Hope ur feelin better now. Lv kitkat Xx


Hello there sorry to hear about your serious asthma attack, it must have been very scary for you and I hope you are feeling better. Iv magnessium is used when an asthmatic is not responding to the initial standard treatment for an asthma attack i.e nebulisers and steroids. No one is sure how it works but studies have shown it to be beneficial in acute severe asthma . It helps by widening your air passages so that you can breath in and out more easily. It can also be given via nebulizer but most hospitals tend to use the iv form. Two doses can be given in any 24 hours if a patient fails to respond to these then other drugs such as iv aminophyline may be given. Am glad it worked for you. Will see what past threads have been posted and will bump them up if they may be of use.

Take care



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