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Hi everyone I read an article in a well known sunday newspaper last week regarding a new drug for asthmatics.It is called Erdotin and is supposed to reduce mucus levels and sensitivity in lungs and is also meant to stop coughing.It didn't state whether it had been licensed yet or how much it cost. I was just wondering if anyone had tried it or had heard of it and whether it was successful or not. thanks Nikki xx

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Quick search shows it has just been licensed over her but has been sucessfully used in other countries for over 10yrs!!

Not for us asthmatics im afraid, its used in acute copd exacerbations, reduces cough and mucus production and used alongside antibiotics in doubles symtom response!! sounds good, all i can find say for copd but as your all aware us asthmatics use some same therepies as copd patients so you never know!! sorry cant find anything more specific

love andrea xxx


Thanks Andrea. Right now I will try anything for girl.We see the consultant next week and I will see what she says . Thanks again Nikki xxx


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