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Steriod Induced Diabetes

Hi my daughter is 6 and has severe asthma controlled with sub-cut infusion. Today I took her to the daughters as she has been drinking excessive amounts , is tired all the time and goes for a wee alot. Her done a finger prick test and her blood sugar was 13.2 . He has arranged for use to go to the childrens hospital 2mrw as an emergency ( she has shingles at the minute).What does this mean and what is the treatment. Does anyone on here have this? . Thanks for reading this Nikki xx

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Hi Nikki,

It may not be steroid induced. Did you know there is a genetic link between type 1 diabetes and asthma. This has been researched by the scottish researchers named on the asthma uk site. This is not good news for you. But your daughter is definitely not the only one. And there is lots of research going on into this. + I know some familys that have asthmatics and type 1 diabetics.

Good luck.



I have steroid induced diabetes and am also on sub cut, bricanyl does raise blood suagr levels, whenever i have sub cut off i have too reduce my insulin. Have they told her too fast? is so may do a glucose tollerance test whereby they take a blood sample then get you to drink a glucose solution then at regular intervals re take blood samples?

Hope this helps

Love Andrea xxx

ps good luck xxx


steroid induced diabetes

Hi Nikki,

i have been a asthamtic since i was 15 months old now i am 26 and i spent most of my younger life in and out of hospital with a mixture of oral steroids and inufused steroids and i never became a diabetic although i do check my blood sugar level regulary now and i was on a course of oral steroids last yr and my sugar level went up when i spoke to my GP about this he informed me that steroids increase the blood sugar level but mine didnt go up that high.

hope everything is ok with your daughter




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