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Sof-set/subcut sites


Haven't been around for a while as in hospital for other things but needed to pop by with a quick question. Hope everyone is as well as they can be.

Does any s/c users site their sof-set in their upper arm? Since I started using s/c I've always used my stomach but been having problems with reactions and fibrosis tissue and frequently having to change site so tonight it was suggested we put my line in my arm to give my stomach a rest. This has now been done and having figured out how to fix the line under my clothes is actually quite comfortable but was just wondering where others site their s/c sets? I have very low body fat due to my other health problems so can't use places like chest wall.


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Hello Gecko!

Yes, I use my sof-sets and more recently Sillouette Sof-sets in my upper arms.

I thread the line up over shoulder, sometimes under bra strap etc. & down front.....

Do you have a sof-serter - makes it a bit easier!

what are the tops of your legs like? I have used upper and outer thighs but with me it just tissues. Some people can use legs.

Tops of chest OK, the area where you would pin a brooch on clothing, if that makes sense but you need a good pinch of skin to pop them in there, I can just about use that area.......

Back of hips, love handle area, also squidgy if desperate, but can be uncomfortable.

Hope this helps a bit!


PS anyone else reading this, it is relating to sighting sub/cut needles for infusion! LOL!


Thanks Kate that was really useful. I do have a sof-serter so that makes insertion easier. I've never tried my thigh, I was always put off using there as I was told it was easier to snag and pull the set out. Seems to be working ok in my upper arm so tummy getting a bit of a break. I wouldn't manage to use my chest wall as I've not enough fat there but as my arm seems to be ok I think the problem is solved for now :)


I use top of my arms but I use saf t intima sets. Bit like a butterfly.... I do ok with the arms tho can be one handed and a cerfuffle with the tape ... I can't use legs as they bruise really bad for some reason plus when I sat down it often pulls the set out.....


i have used all the places Kate mentioned,

i like my thighs, and love handle areas, as they tend to stay well,

if you use the thighs make sure you put your knicks on after so wen you go to the loo you dont pull out by accident.

i personally couldnt cope with them in my arms.

good luck, g xx


Also, tape the line down when in awkward places or on thigh to prevent removal by knickers!

I have taped the line when using it in my arm, usually on the shoulder........



Thanks everyone, great advice.

I have my line in my upper arm and covered with a tigaderm to hold it in place and it seems to be just fine and all the itchy lumps on my stomach seem to be healing. Not sure about using my thigh but nice to have another option if I needed it.



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