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Blotchy face

This may be a stupid question but does anyone else get a red blotchy face when they are short of breath? When I feel a bit ""off"" but not a full blown attack my husband always knows because my facial colour changes from normal pale to patches of bright pink and red. I am not gasping or coughing when this happens just feeling a bit as if I have a wet cloth over my mouth. Usually feel a bit dizzy and tired too. Don't want to see my doctor for a while ........sick of the sight of them all thought I would ask here where there is a wealth of experience.

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It's really strange you should write this as this is a sign we use for our daughters asthma control. She's 3 and if going through a tricky patch, tends to go blotchy. Her colour goes v pale and she gets purple patches over her face and under her eyes. This is a sign that she will be needing her ventolin shortly. And sure enough is often the case. She has no known allergies despite extensive testing. We put it down to her oxygen levels dipping.

Maybe you should indeed mention it to your gp when you next see them.

Take care,

Emily x


Thanks Emily35, my husband just looks at me and says he doesn't like my colour and tells me to go and sit down and have a rest. He is nearly always right and I did wonder if it was just some quirk of mine because I have not seen it mentioned before. I will mention it next time I see my doctor or my consultant who I see every 3 months.

I hope your little one keeps well and doesn't cause you too much worry. My youngest son, who is now 40, had very serious Asthma problems and was a constant worry to us but by the time he went to big school he was fine. His only problem now is Hayfever and even that is mild so I do hope it works out so well for you. x


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