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What's happening?

I've been diagnosed with asthma for 3 years now and had a severe attack about 2 years ago that put me in hospital for 12 days. Before that i didnt really know that asthma could be so bad. Now every time i get a cold it goes to my chest and triggers an attack but thankfully not as bad as the one 2 years ago. On monday i had an emergency appointment with my gp who put me on a course of predisolone on top of my usual inhalers simbicort and bricanyl. I said i thought i had a chest infection but he said he didnt want to give me any antibiotics as they arent advised anymore? I havent been sleeping well and take a couple of hours in the morning to come round after a bout of coughing. Yesterday I felt a little bit better and went into work and it went ok. Went to bed last night and had a good nights sleep. I woke up this morning thinking to myself that at last i seem to be getting over this last attack but !!! Within 2 minutes I suddenly felt so ill. I felt dizzy, faint and went very hot although my breathing wasn't too restricted. I thought of ringing 999 but decided to take my inhalers and after about 15 mins i started to feel a liitle better. Its really frustrating. Has anybody else had similar experience? and do they know what brings it on.

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Hi Grumpy. It sounds very unpleasant. I've never had this but if I were you, I would check it out with your GP. Hope you're feeling a bit better now.


hi grumpy

there are lots of weird bugs and viruses going around. If you catch any of them it is likely it will affect your asthma because they can be triggers. see the triggers part of all about asthma.

Take care



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