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Bronchoplasty?? Question for Brittles?

I just wondered if anyone has had this procedure done? It has been mentioned to me for a while now and from what i'm told has had pretty good effects on the cases done so far? Im still a bit weary and feedback would be much appreciated?

Gil xxx

'Asthma is a common disease in which airways in the lungs become inflamed and then narrow when muscles within the airway walls contract. Conventional therapy using two types of short-term reliever medication and long-term controller. Temporary relief as the name suggests, treating the symptoms and eliminate them, providing short-term assistance, during an attack intended to suppress the controller inflammation in the airways. But this therapy may not be effective in treating conditions that are severe or persistent.

Is the treatment of bronchial asthma thermoplasty new potential undergoing clinical testing. Developed by a medical device company called Asthma., this procedure has the potential to provide assistance to patients with asthma who did not respond to conventional treatment. A clinical trial conducted in sixteen adults with mild to moderate asthma who did not respond to current asthma treatment. The results of this study is encouraging as 75 percent of participants reported that the new treatment is allowed to function better in daily activities and reduce the peak expiratory flow readings.

Bronchoplasty is a new procedure, which is designed to reduce the tendency of the airway narrowing of asthma. This new procedure, the airways are treated in a half-hour treatment sessions and may require up to three sessions to completely treat the lungs. Care, like other endoscope, passed through a bronchoscope. The procedure uses radio frequency energy to the airways to change the ability of muscles in the airway walls contract. When narrowing down, it produces a frequency reduction and the severity of asthma attacks in patients. Radio frequency energy delivered through a catheter inserted through a bronchoscope, which heats the smooth muscle wall to approximately 149 º F.'

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Not had it done. The hospital I attend participated in the trial and it seems I just missed out. Last time the dr mentioned it said, they where waiting on the treatment being liscensed in the uk. Tho I think some studies/ trials are still being done as waiting to see long term effects and side effects ... Hopefully someone can clarify further for u


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