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how do i know if my chest infection is gone?

Hey guys,

Sorry i havent been on the boards much. Makes me feel bad for posting. This year has been a rough one.

Basically i caught a cold about 3 weeks ago. and have been coughing, mucusy etc since.. Last thursday i finally went to the docs, got told i had a nasty chest infection and prescribed antibiotics. they were finished wednesday night and now although feeling a lot better than i was (cough hurts less, less productive.) I'm still nowhere near 100%. Lungs are hurting, tired, still got cold symptoms and although coughing less still mucusy. But my peak flow is ok at 410 (PB. 470). so is it worth going back and asking doc if i need more antibiotics? or do i need just to wait a few days and let my body work?

Just fed up of being ill

Jen x

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sorry double post can't delete it.


Hi,think would be good go see your doc.

some nasty virus etc are going around and seem to take ages to shift ,

you just might need a few more days but your doc could sound your chest etc.

hope you feel better soon xxxx


Hi Jen, It's a good question. I've lost count of the times I have gone to the doctor thinking I have a chest infection, only to be told my chest is clear. And vice versa. The same thing happens to my teenage son all the time. But I've learnt from this that my chest carries on hurting and I feel rubbish even after antibiotic treatment - the infection and coughing leaves my lungs very sore and irritable.

Don't hesitate to go back to the GP to be checked if you continue to feel unwell. Sometimes antibiotics don't totally clear up infections - this has happened to me in the past and I had to go on stronger antibiotics (same with son). Good luck and I hope you feel better soon. xx

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Definitely go back. I had something similar, the first antibiotic they tried did not really help. The next one did, after a two week course I felt fine but a few days later I started to go off again so am back on the antibiotics. Some infections take a long time to shift.


hi - you may still feel like rubbish even if your chest infection has cleared up as you could have inflamation say on your ribs or breast bone that can feel similar. i would always err on the side of caution as its better to have a couple of days more meds than end up in hospital after leaving it x


Do go back to the dr because I got a heavy cold in early oct, got steroids and antibiotics. I went back to work after a week and a half thinking I was better. After 2 weeks my voice went again so I knewi needed to go back to the dr.Now its been 4 antibiotics and 3 lots

of steroids I'm still not over it. Do please if you feel your not right go back to be checked out.

I'm using a nebuliser 3 times a day,i still haven't my full voice and coughing like I've smoked 60 cigs a

day for years.

I hope you feel better soon. If anybody had any suggestions for me I could do with some please


Hi Angel Jacqui

Is it a dry cough, if so I find Benylin dry cough (the non drowsy version that you have to get from a chemist) really helps.




Hi and thanks for your message. I've been to a and e since your message.

Was on sufafed cough bottle.

Home and on neb 4 times a day.

Waiting for cat scan of lungs in new year.

Chest infection seems to be still there.

Feel so crook, no puff. AUk nurse explained a lot to me today.

Sorry this chest infection seems to be going on forever.


Hi.glad you got help and hope you feel better soon xxx


Chest Infecvtion

Hi Jen

I've had my current chest infection since Nov (i'm on 3rd batch of antibiotics), this has followed a series of chest infections in 2010 which just don't seem to be going away.

Never worry about going back to see your GP - if you feel poorly and think you still have infection it is always better to get it checked out.

Take Care and hope you start to feel better soon

Joules xx


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