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Im new on this site and have been trialing Xolair. As far as i know im the only person in the whole of West Yorkshire to recieve this treatment. So far i'm not sure if it has made a dramatic difference but i have been home for 5 weeks in a row now! I was wondering of anyone else is on it and has it made any difference to your asthma and lifestyle?



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I am hoping to recieve xolair very soon i wondered if it hurts at all.



My doctor has done or is doing trials on it with some of his patients that he thought would benefit (me not being one of them). I have a friend whos been on it since it came out and its turned her life around, she was a very severe asthmatic making trips to the ICU about once every 3 weeks and staying in hospital from anything upto 8 weeks at a time. She was unable to look after her horses due to severe allergies. Now she can do anything with them from grooming to mucking out and hay spreading. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but it only works for allergic asthma I think. Its very expensive (I think about £6000 a year) but could be a godsend for those with severe allergic asthma.

tks xxxxxxxxxxxx


My cons wants me on this as soon as the pharmacy board pass it for our hossie!


not sure what it is so can u give me a heads up on it


I have severe allergic asthma and my con is reviewing me next week to see if xolair has worked. I dont know what the next step will be but im hoping to stay on it but i think they will stop it for a while to see if i get worse. If i do then they know it worked, if not then i wont go back on it. At least i managed to stay out of costa for a while!

Take care all



I think it is for allergic asthma - I am Brittle but my IgE is fairly low - Cons said it wouldn't work for me!



'Xolair info


just joined and read about xolair so looked it up and thought you might like the information I found



Shanjo thanks for the info

As it is my review next week ill let you all know what my con says.


I'm about to start it in North Yorkshire....

Probably not going to be the life-transforming drug for me that it has been for some, because I have additional problems as well, but might help reduce things a bit. Got various admin bits to arrange but should be starting within the next couple of months.


Hi there Kymiii,

We have one patient, on it in our children's service, here in the North East.

She is doing really well & glad to hear thing are going well.



Hi to all

Just to let you know that i had my review with my con this morning and it seems that Xolair has been a success - only a small one but a sucess all the same. ive not been in costa as much in the last 3 months! Even though im suffering really bad at the mo, if im no better next week con says ill be off to costa!

So all you out there who are looking into having xolair, my advise is go for it as you have nothing to lose. Even a small change is better than nothing!

Keep Well

Kym xxx


Hi Ann,

If you don't mind me asking, what hospital do you work at? I have got funding approved from the PCT but it now appears that there is nobody at my nearest hospital (York District Hospital) able to administer the drug. Perhaps I could travel to yours?

PM me if you don't want to post details on here.



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