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Synacthen test

Just had a letter from cons asking if I'd be willing to have this done. It's something to do with adrenal function but I thought this only mattered for those on long term pred? Has anyone else had this and can tell me what to expect, also their wanting to take a DNA sample. I think it's for research being carried out by the University of liverpol - has anyone else been asked to take part?


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try this link, (

Large dose ICS for long periods, and I mean top end of the license dose can also cause adrenal failure.


That's great thank you! I'm on symbicort 400/12 twice daily as well as up to 4 puffs 4 x daily which I know isn't actually licensed x



I've had it done and they found out my adrenal gland had packed in, they only found out by chance because I had lost so much weight, they thought I was anorexic! If it's the same one they inject you with something and take blood tests at different intervals. It's o.k I wasn't on pred but on a high dose of becotide at the time, that was about three to four years ago. The irony is they give you hydrocortisone to fix it! Even more steroids!



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