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Medical Band-what do I put?

Hi There, i'm new to this site and was wondering about getting my on a wrist band to say that he is asthmatic. My son is 7, 8 in Dec, and is very fussy about what he wears so I thought that best thing to get would be one of those silicone wristbands saying that he is asthmatic. Reading some of the posts on here i'm totally confused as to what info I need to put on there. I thought it would be fine just to say that he was asthmatic but maybe i'm wrong. His asthma isnt too bad but he is on the brown inhalor twice morning and night. Any info would be great :-)

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I have my illness, name , dob, telePhone number and next of kin. A few of my friends also have allergies noted . Best to go with wot u feel comfortable with. Hope he likes it as they is some great designs out now ......



My son is 7 and he has a wrist band from ice it isn't silicone but it has footballs on it, they do a few different options for kids. On his wrist band it says asthmatic, and my mobile number. I didn't put anymore info on as his meds change frequently.

Clare x


i have an sos necklace which has my name, incase of emergency phone numbers, that i am brittle asthmatic and my allergies. i know lots of people dont put their names. medical bands are definately a good idea, especially if like me and cant speak when having a bad attack


I have full name, that I have asthma, my meds (Im relatively mild with Asthma) and my main allergy.

They are a fab idea and theres loads to choose from. I have a necklace and 2 bracelets and I have one in English and another in a different language for when I go abroad.


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