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Is your inhaler empty ??

I was reading an advert for the USA version of our Ventolin Evohaler which is called Pro Air HFA and among the fascinating facts it specifically mentions ""Never immerse the canister in water to determine how full the canister is (float test) ""-obviously I have seen the float test mentioned as guide to how empty your inhaler is so I was wondering if this American advice is also pertinent to the Ventolin Evohaler ?? -are they implying the inhaler can ""leak"" inwards ??

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Hi BJ, did a google search after reading your post and Pro Air HFA is one of the brands of albuterol (salbutamol in the UK) inhalers marketed in the US. The GSK brand equivalent of the Ventolin Evohaler is known as Ventolin HFA and has a built-in *dose counter* (incidentally I'd like one of these as it would save counting!).

The Ventolin Evohaler patient information leaflet does include the instructions 'Do not immerse the metal canister in water'. Don't think that water can leak inwards though but just wonder if a valve mechanism in the canister can be damaged in some way by immersion?


Ta for that Ginny, believe it or not the ad was in the Superbowl programme!!!-and if you read the list of ""possible"" side effects, you wouldnt touch it with a barge pole !!!


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