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How often should these be cleaned? I tend to clean it with each new serevent prescription but other people seem to think they are better left uncleaned for a while-when I first got it last year thepharmacist did recommend coating the inside of the tube with a few ""doses "" before I used it properly-does the coating make it work better?-Thanks for any help.


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It says weekly on my instructions. After that I don't know.



Although it says weekly in the manufacturer's instructions, current recommendation is actually monthly.

This is due to a build-up in the amount of electrostatic charge that can result from cleaning them more often, which can in turn affect drug delivery.

Spacers should be washed in warm, soapy water, then left to air dry without rinsing. Before using them again, wipe the mouthpiece free of detergent.

Never heard the thing about ""coating"" it so can't comment I'm afraid...

Hope this helps.




hmmm, good point - can't remember when last cleaned mine, will go do that now!




just thought i would add my two pennys worth,when i had the old spacer it seemed to need cleaning every other day,but the new aerochamber is much better i clean mine once amonth unless i see the powder sticking to the sides then i clean it sooner,i suppose it depends on how often you use it,it one of those where we all have our own way of doing things,ive not heard of coating it first though,i did notice that when i got a new chamber and used it for the forst time the meds did seem to stick to the side rather than go into my lungs,hope this is of some help. anne


Should be washed in warm soapy water before you use it so that the med doesn't stick to the side rather than being inhaled. Has some sort of coating on it that needs to be washed off.


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