Seretide Dosage reduction

I have an asthma clinic review next week and I was wanting to reduce my Seretide dosage-I was on 250 for over a year and I had it reduced to 125 which I have been on for about 15 months but I feel like my asthma has been quite well behaved recently (tempting fate or what??) so I was wondering if any of you have had a similar (planned) reduction in Seretide and have you had to revert back ??

Ta muchly.

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  • I haven't but daughter number one has and is now on seretide 50, a very low dose. Maybe cos shes a child hospital seem much more keen to reduce meds as soon as stable

    Unfortunately due to infection she's wheezy so suspect will be stepping back up again when go back monday but at least shes had 3 months at the lower dose with no problems so I know in future will be able to try it again.

  • I think the fact that you are better means that the seretide dose is doing its job!

    Inhaled steroids need to be kept at a constant level to keep working. I would be very wary about reducing it around winter time. If you do, keep an eye on the peak flows and be prepared to step up again, but do consult your GP!

    Take care


    PS how are the bats??

  • Hi my son's asthma is the same, well behaved at the mo. He was on 4x250 am and pm, we reduced it to 2x250 twice a day gradually and we are doing the same again to get him to 1x250 am and pm. we are reducing the dosage by 125 pm to start with for 2 weeks then 125 am for two weeks, its complicated but we stop if his peak flow drops. We were told not to rush it. By the new year he should be on half his usual dose. Our specialist recommended this. It's still risky but maybe he is growing out of his asthma, we can only hope.

    Good luck


  • I suspect that my clinic nurse will probaby advise me not to reduce the dosage,but it is the same one who recommended the reduction from 250 to 125 so I will wait and see.

    Bats seem to have ""disappeared"" Kate.

  • Following on from my recent visit to my Consultant i have been advised to reduce my Seratide Diskus from 500 twice a day to once in the morning im a bit apprehsensive especially over the winter months. Nevertheless he advised me if at any stage i felt i needed it to go back on it.

    I would like to know if their are any risks reducing the inhaler if you have been on it a long time


  • reduction in Seretide.


    I would also love to reduce my seretide and add on's. However I think Kate M is right. You have to go very slowly and keep a close eye on things. You know your body, and you probably know enough about your asthma to try a reduction and then be sensible and increase the dosage if your peak flows go down. I would discuss it at your review, and have a go at reduction. After all if you don't try how will you know if you will be able to reduce. I always seem to reduce for about 1 week then have to add on because I get some virus.... oh well my consultant keeps on encouraging me to try as long as peak flow stays stable. My situation is slightly different as I am on much higher doses. So I would definitely make your reductions in agreement with your asthma nurse /doctor, and be clear about how the reduction affects your asthma plan.

    Good luck


  • Hi I knew I should have kept my gob shut, my sons asthma has suddenly got worse and his peak flow is 30% down in 24 hours, it just goes to show reducing the seretide this time of year can be risky, but he is on such large doses for an 8 year old we had to make a choice, I think the specialist wants to see what happens to him as he has been fairly stable since being under an respiratory specialist, typical as we have waited 8 years to see one!!Looks like he may have a trip in an ambulance 80 miles away, I'm hoping and praying it all calms down and no more steroids are needed as they send him loopy.

    The school forgot his inhalers today after I begged them not to forget as my son is dyslexia and forgets everything including lunch bag and glasses daily unless I remind him as we walk out of the door.

    Looks like the seretide will be going back up, all good plans gone to pot again as usual or as we say in our house SSDD (same s**t different day)

    Oh well I have to laugh or I'd loose the plot


  • hi

    just an update on my Seretide Dosage reduction coping ok just 10 days after reduction got aches and pains all over and felt very tired chekcing my peak flow and its ok .


  • I had my asthma review yesterday; told the nurse I wasnt happy with it and I wanted my money back!!

    anyway,I was advised to reduced my Seretide dosage by half for a few weeks to see how it goes so I am now on 1 x 125 dosage mornings and evenings-fingers crossed!

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