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Ventolin Evohaler

My current relief inhaler is a 200 actuation size evohaler but I seem to have used way more than 200 doses but it doesnt seem to be empty-does the fact that you are still getting a ""blast"" of propellant mean that you are also getting active ingredients or is it safer to assume that once you reach the 200 doses ,you will not be getting any more salbutamol when you use it?-although the box states 200 metered actuations,there is not an actual meter as there is on the Seretide tubes .

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There is probably a bit more than 200 in there .... how on earth did you keep track of the doses you take?? I think they must be over filled to enable the 200 to be delivered eficiently. I always have 2-3 inhalers in my bag & a few more scattered in various places.

If the 'blast' is weak & clear - it is, I think just propellant.

Yes, It would be great to have a counter on the ventolin too!



It is a problem keeping track of dose use,in effect I am using the ""tube"" until it is empty but I was starting to think that I may have just been getting propellant and not relief ingredient.


I agree with Kate's post, it says on the instruction leaflet I think to do some tester shots before using a new inhaler, so the manufacturer most likely has to allow for that by putting more than the doses written on the packaging. : |



I always have several salbutamol inhalers on the go and will have at least two or three on me at any one time - and I make sure at least one of these is fairly new. If I'm not getting a very good response to one inhaler, I just try one of the others - if I get a better response, then I know that the problem is that the inhaler is running out rather than that I need something stronger. As a general rule, though, I try to make sure that any inhalers I have which feel like they've nearly run out (eg less reliable spray, feel lighter, float or half-float in water) get left at home for home use so that I don't get caught out while I am out.

If you don't have more than one or two inhalers, get your GP to prescribe you a couple more as a one-off so that you can always double up.



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