Use of ""relief"" ihhalers

My asthma clinic nurse stated that if you have to use your relief inhaler more than 3 times ""a week""then you probably need some sort of Steroid ""back up""

3 times a week??-I think I am doing well if I have to use it less than 3 times a day so she is probably right (like I,m an expert ??) anyone else hear of anything similar regarding the use of relief inhalers-one doctor at the same practice told me I could use the relief inhaler up to 10 times a day -this was when I was not on any inhaled steroids at all-confusing advice?

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  • The asthma control ""gold standards"" recently changed, I think with the updating of the BTS guidelines. Basically, whereas before there was something about control being defined as using reliever inhaler less than 2-3 times a week and not waking up at night with symptoms, the aims for asthma control are now to be completely symptom-free, with no night-time wakening and no reliever use during the week (or only rarely). For the grand majority of people this will be an achievable aim (with apologies to the more severe/brittle asthmatics on here).

    So yep, Bluejam, if you're using your reliever three times a day or more, get thee to your local friendly GP surgery. :)

  • She already made me up a ""brown bottle"" prescription to pick up tomorrow Cath to lighten my wallet by another £7 or so !

  • Glad to hear it, Bluey, hope it does the trick :)

  • Me too!!

  • after reading this I think I need something else, used my ventolin 4 times this week (sunday morn - wednesday eve) so far, total of 8 puffs, but thats a typical usage for me, and no comment from the nurse or GP.

  • Does 'use' include taking a puff or two before going out to dinner where you know there will be stuff that may cause one to cough? Eg apples and bread.

    In which case I use my relief inhaler about three times a week.

  • oopps am lucky if i get to lunchtime without using my bricanyl at least twice and thats with steroid inhalers and pred. mmm think something annoying my chest

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