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Still Chesty!!

Hope everyone had a good christmas and new year, I am on my second lot of antibiotics for a chest infection which I have had for the past 3 weeks but I still have an awful chesty cough and still have a lot of phlegm on my chest, my second course of antibiotics ends on thursday so I will be going back to the doctor if no better, just wondering if anyone has any experience of this and if it is normal to still be so chesty after 2 lots of antibiotics and steroids?

Also does anyone no what the doctor might do if im still no better after the antibiotics finish? just wondering


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Thanks Lejaya. Mine have been ok, apprehensive as visiting houses which are dusty/smoky after seeing cons who's not sure I have asthma & is trying to suggest reflux is in my head, reduce most meds... Anyway just wondering whereabouts in the country are you as I can remember your consultant @ atypical asthma posts before? May be best to pm me.

Back to your original question, it can take a while for infections to clear up as I have found with kidney & sinusitis & now chest still not right. Best to get your doctor to send off a sample if you cough up sputum to check antibiotics sensitivity I.e. that you're taking ones infection will respond to


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