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normal spirometery

hi everyone

I'm very confused about something, I spoke to my asthma nurse today and she told me that I don't have asthma due to my spirometery results being normal, even though I explained to her that I was asymptomatic when I had them done. She then said how because I was complaining of alot of symptoms when I last saw her that it was very unlikely that my results would be normal if I had asthma!

however I saw her last over 2 months ago and after I saw her, I had a month of being really well controlled and this is when I had my spirometery test done. I then saw a different asthma nurse who decided to reduce my steroid dose. but when I saw her again today she increased my steroid dose due to having a chest infection, even though she doesn't think I have asthma and I have now been reffered to yet another consultant to find out if I have something else!!!

sorry for the long post but I don't understand how I can have all these symptoms of asthma including hopsital visits etc and not have asthma?


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Hey, take a look here:


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