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Hi everyone

My consultant started me on this medication about 3 months ago and told me to take it for a month then see my gp after that, however he did not say how long I should be taking it for or if I should only be using it when I have a chest infection, which I did have when he prescribed it.

So I was just wondering if anyone else is on this medication and how often you use it?


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i take carbocsistine a mucodyne one 3 times a day and every day as make lots of mucus then double them up when im really bad with asthma.

I have found this med really good and can now swallow with out constant thick gunk.

Hope it helps you.

welcome pm me any time.

love glynis xxx


HI Glynis

Thanks for your reply, and i'm glad mucodyne is helping you, just out of interest did your consultant tell you to take it all the time or your doctor, cause neither my consultant or doctor has told me how long I should be taking it for, my asthma nurse thinks I should only take it when I have an infection so I might just do that.



hi lejaya,Was my Gp and gives me enough for 6 aday a month but take 3 daily and double as need them. Some docs say take when asthma is bad but I get mucus every day so take daily and more if need to x hope they help you also .love Glynis xxx


To restart or not to restart is my question?

Hi all. My consultant said for of to stop carbosistene in Jan when I last say him. Partly because I was sure if it made a difference as i started it at same time as symbicort. So I stopped it a month later reduced symbicort. Now on 2nd lot of antib's with steroids and 3rd wk off sick. I asked the question when I saw a gp yesterday and she said it was up to me. She couldn't answer my other questions about antibodies either. My gut feeling is to restart as I seem to get over chest infections much quicker when I was on it. I'm might email my consultant sec and see if I get an answer this time.

I find it so frustrating that GP's can't answer questions. I asked her if my illness could cause problems with healing process ie cuts seem to take ages for scar to disappear. Which I think is a concern and would have thought it would have been for her. 4mthsago i fell off my bike cutting my leg and still have visible scar. 4wks ago i had a three tiny cuts on hand and you can still see one. Personally I think this not right. Or perhaps I'm just being stupid. Maybe I'll ask one of neonatal dr's at wrk.does anyone else have scaring problems?



Dont get scaring but cuts take a while to heel.

Was playing with my cat Mason and left a paper type cut along my finger xxxx

The carbocsistine works great for me and the doc and con said take them as make lots of

mucus and let me up them as i need to xxxxx


To restart or not to restart is my question?

Well my answer to question is to restart. My consultant rang me yesterday after I'd sent him an email two weeks ago asking what blood results meant. Interesting pneumonia jab does not stop you getting it but it stops it killing you. So I asked about carbosistene and he said to restart if it may help. Can't do me boy harm was on it for 18mths till Jan. X


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