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going to see asthma nurse tomorrow and need some help

I am going to see my asthma nurse tomorrow and have been told recently by my neighbours freinds who i live with that i cough quite a lot during the night and get really wheaze and i have only ever woken up a few times from this when i have been doing sports that evening or when i have been working in bad weather. But i dnt wake up untill 3am or 5am in morning. i was wondering how i could get the asthma nurse to listen to me about this and trying to get to try some different meds with me. As this problem has been going on a while now.

thanks for helping get some ideas on this.

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don't worry about trying to get the asthma nurse to understand that you cough at night and wake at 3-5am, this is usually a sign of poorly controlled asthma and even for myself waking at 3-4am is an indicator that things are going downhill.

The recent cold weather has caused all of us problems, and I've double up my preventer meds for the last three weeks, but still cough and suffering, nothing technically wrong, so maybe that's something you need to address as well, do you double up at bad times and when it's cold outside try covering your mouth as much as possible to prevent the cold air from some say irritating your lungs, but actually it dries them out, and constricts the airways and blood vessels, which gives us the asthma symptoms.

The other option for exercise induced symptoms which singulair would hopefully have solved is Intal, but rarely used, but if you have a real problem with the cough and have tried the buff or scarf then that may be worth a try.


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