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I am back on Pred for the second time in 3 weeks. I am starting to get very down thinking that I will never be well again. My asthma has become really troublesome for the last 2 months after a long period(years) of being ok. I can not understand why this had happened all of a sudden or what might have triggered it - I am drving myself crazy trying to work out what might have caused it and how I can prevent it happening again.

Sorry I know I am just feeling sorry for myself which does not help and there are lots of others a lot worse but it is just really getting me down.


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Hi Margaret,

Really understand where your coming from its not nice.

Had a 3 week course of pred not long ago.

I Seem to have constant chest infections,coughing and tight chest and inflamed lungs.

My first winter.

Think we need to hibernate under the duvet till summer xxxx

The pred will help you am sure and rest when you can.

Welcome pm me anytime im chatty and friendly.

love Glynis.xxx


ps the weather is causing lots of people to have grumpy lungs but at least we have friends on here to help us all through winter xxx



think we all in same boat lol. i am on pred for first time. i never seem to be well these days either. had a month of being fairly well but before that had 4 months of being un well. I have yet to see how summer affects me. This is my first winter with asthma. Never been this ill before. So can sympathise with how your feeling. I'm glad am not on my own x

P!nk xx


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