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Can any one help with this?

I seem to get this reoccuring oral thrush. spe.said it was because of my inhalers,which are seretide 250 2puffs x2 flixotide 2puffs x2and intal 2puffs x4.Also im taking 25mg pre.

I gargle and clean my teath after each inhaler but still keep getting the Thrush come back.

Has anyone else experianced this and can I do anything else to stop it happening.


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Hello Denise, do you use a spacer? I had the same problem with thrush and also a constant sore throat, until my Asthma nurse gave me a spacer. I have two, a large balloon one and a smaller one for when I'm out.


Hi Denise,

Using a spacer helps by minimising the amount of medication deposited in the mouth and throat. Eating live natural yogurt is said to sometimes help ... but do see your GP if it continues, to see if antifungal lozenges are needed.

Oral thrush isn't a known side effect of Intal, so there's no need to gargle and brush teeth after using this inhaler specifically to prevent thrush. However, some people find the taste a bit powdery and bitter (I am using an Intal Spinhaler), and rinsing would get rid of any after-taste.

Hope that helps,



I also suffer from this problem, although it comes and goes a bit.. However my dentist who is concerned about the thrush gave me a helpful hint. He told me to stop using powerful mouthwashes such as listerine. apparently the listerine kills all the good bacteria as well as the bad, which means that yeasts then colonise the space that they left behind. I also use yogurt, which is helpful and have prescriptions when it gets really bad. My respiratory consultant told me that you have to use anti-fungals like anti-biotics, because if you don't complete the course the yeasts get resistance, and then the thrush can be nearly impossible to treat. so not to use them all the time.

Not sure if this is any help. It is an ongoing battle.




try very dilute tea tree oil, a couple of drops in atumbler of water and gargle, or you can get Tea tree mouth wash, alchohol free which helps.


I was on 2puffs twice day of both Beclometasone and Serevent and got a sore throat and then chest infection. Doc increased the Beclometasone and the sore throat got worse. I bought a volumatic spacer, and slowly this helped, but try sucking some form of atiseptic lozenges (Tesco) do there own and work really well at soothing the sore throat and help prevent one. Anyway, last week I managed to get the nurse to change to just seretide. You're much worse than me, but the spacer and lozenges are both worth a try.


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