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I feel a bit cheeky asking for help,when I have not posted for over a year.

The last year has been so alfull,my asthma has been all over the place. On wednsday I had a bronchocopy and biopsy.The doc said that my air sace collapse when breathing in and he found this most inteaesting.I only wish i had asked more questions as I have to wait 3 weeks for the biopsy.So would be greatfull if any one can shed some light on this.

many thanks


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Hi Russell, I have never posted before but felt compelled to answer and I hope shed some light on your problem as I too suffer with collapsing bronchioles. I was diagnosed with this a year ago via broncoscopy and the name given to me was adult onset bronchiomalacia, I also have trachiomalacia, having the two together is common even though the disorder is rare and more prevelant in babies than adults. At least having a name to it now will give you the chance to do an internet search. With my diagnosis also came vocal cord dysfunction which is actually working to the benefit of the malacia's as my vocal cords now adduct incorrectly to maintain the correct pressures in my lungs. As the malacias progress (if it does for you) than CPAP can be used or stenting to hold the airways open. For me with moderate bronchiomalacia and trachiomalacia things become very troublesome with infection and cause problems getting off a ventilator. Good luck and hope this helps.


Hi Denise, Can't shed any light (sorry) but just wanted to say I hope things improve for you. It sounds as if you've had a rough year.


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