Im not sure whot to think of this,so have come to the forum to ask if any one else has been told to do this.

I went to the gp today as my astham is playing up.The gp told me to drink 3tspoons of coco in hot milk 3/4 time aday as this will help with the asthma (not sure about my weight).He is a new gp and im not sure he understood how severe

my asthma has been for the last year.

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  • Get a new dr!

  • I agree with Bex.

  • I had a retired locum GP once who prescribed sudofed for pleuroedema and to cheer myself up with an ice cream!!!! The GP practice never used him again after my letter of complaint.

    Ditto - Get a new GP! That is totally outrageous !

    Please write and complain!

  • Thanks

    I was really upset yeserday.As i felt the gp had not understood me. I come away thinking may be i was making a fuss about my astham.

    So thank you for being so understanding.


  • Are you sure he was a doctor, not sure what he was hoping that would achieve, but quack springs to mind. hope he's not your usual GP, and that sort of advice is what causes serious problems for asthmatics, who can rapidly take a turn for the worse. Change GP and complain to the practice manager.

  • Although I did have one GP who used to prescribe a G&T taken with ice and a slice. But then he knew me very well I knew he was joking.


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