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Im so feed up

As you can see from last week i was unwell.But just to add to my trouble i now have tonsillitis.It feels like my body has broken.we should be going to a wedding tomorrow but cant go as im so unwell.

Im taking all my meds from the dr.Just wondering if any one has any ideas that mit help.(please not coco)

Sorry to be so negative i just want my life back.


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Och, you wee soul. Sending a great big e-hug.

Sometimes I have an ice-pole or an ice cube (crushed) to suck when symptoms or throat playing up. Actually I'm not sure whether its the coldness that's helping or the feeling of being a kiddy again.

Very best get well wishes but absolutely no cocoa as requested,

Moira xoxox


Honey and Lemon or honey and cinnamon. Buy some jelly that you normally pour hot water on either just suck the cubes or pour hot water on and drink as a hot drink.


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