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Astma & depression / stress.


just wondering if any one can suggest anything to help.

Do any of you have any experience of asthma affecting depression or stress? or even depression / stress affecting asthma?

I seem to be approaching a viscous circle, I was diagnosed with asthma while being treated for depression. I have been off my medication for the depression for about 3.5 months now and been coping well, but with a couple of colds under my belt and the cold weather the asthma seems to being troublesome. Which now seems to make some situations more stressful than normal, then my asthma feels worse which in turn makes me feel down and then my symptoms feel worse :-( .

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Thank you in advance,

Gavin Kelso.

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hi Gavin

Some people with asthma feel down,as when get bad flare up, its alot with having no control over the attacks,makes you feel nervous and scared about what set it off.Stress also is a bit trigger for asthma also.

Try to relax and just make sure you have your meds with you .

You also will make friends on here and shared stories that will help you.

lots of love Glynis. xxxx

Keep your chin up your not alone lots of love xxx


Hi Gavin

Sorry to here you are feeling low in spirit. I understand how you feel . I think all is well then I get an asthma attack and when it grounds me and I cannot get out , or to work or find interest in reading or other activites I get quite depressed and anxious, and I have always found ill health exacibates my anxiety . As long as I'm well I cope well . I find if it very hard to be calm because my asthma takes over . One thing i do try and eventually it does help is to focus my mind on different and more pleasant times . How I love the Spring and the light breezes. Visualisation helps take my mind off things . I continue to practise meditation and recently started to improve my breathing by breathing through my nose as adviced by another person on this site and it does help when stressed , it is difficult but keep practising as it does reduce stress I also find reflexing my feet helps me relax aswell. When you start to feel better keep practising it is really good for stress. Give it a go hope it helps you and chatting on these threads is really supportive , its worth a try Good luck

Mo x


Thank you.x


Heya, i can completly agree with you, when my asthma is bad or going to be bad i know becuase i feel very low and very depressed. Everything is always very negative and i feel like i'm hitting a brick wall all the time!.

It hard to get out of most of the time so i always need lots of support and love. If you have a partner like i do, talk to them alot, tell them your feelings, they will help you to feel more positive and feel better.

It can be really hard and i am sorry your feeling like this, sometimes looking on the good side of life can be really hard but sometimes you have to really really try to otherwise your spending time in your life doing nothing and being down when really you should be out there enjoying yourself and getting on with a happy life. Everyday is a day that cant be wasted.

One big cirlce, asthma gets bad you feel bad then you feel bad becuase your asthma has made you feel bad, you can go over it and over it, if you start off by getting your asthma sorted and at least a little bit controlled then you might actually start to feel yourself get abit happier and not so negative.

I hope i helped :)

Laura :)


Hi Gavin,I am in similar situation in that my asthma has become more serious after a stressful time,Iwas prescribed antidepressents which did help with the panicy tightness but the asthma not controlled yet,when its a good day with any sign of improvement i feel so positive,but the next day if the breathings not so good I feel so down and anxious,I'm just looking forward to the spring and trying to be positive,this site is so helpful,I have a very supportive partner but hearing from people who understand how this feels is invaluable,sorry not much help,hope things look up for you soon,Fran


hi gavin, when your asthma is bad, do you get highdose prednisolone, prednisolone can effect the mood. I have been on high dose and never had depression til now, found it hard to tell family and friends how i felt, til i saw the respiratory nurse after another admission, told her how exactky i wasnt coping, not talking and just had enough.... thankfully just spilling the beans helped


depression with Asthma

If yr on steroid Tablets/Inhaler be warned.....they can have horrible side effects...I cld never understand why i went Suicidal and leaflet said side effects is as i said.....

was awful snapping at people crying all the time...

Now im off All Steroids {as im Allergic 2 them}Im back 2 my Old self...{Nearly}once i shift the weight ill be happier...seb.x


i feel u...ditto here. pipl say am often sad n i've found it 2 be within d periods of asmathic attack


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