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Help plz

Firstly I just want to say hi to everyone!! Im Sarah 19 and im currently studying for my Diploma in Childcare and 3 hr exam is on Thursday EKKK!! Ive been asthmatic since I was a baby and my asthma is currently VERY uncontrolled!! I am currently taking Salmeterol/Fluticasone (50mg/100mg) accuhaler and Salamol CFC Free Inhaler (100mg)

I have been very wheezing recently and have been becoming very breathless when doing any walking etc (this has never really been a problem for me in the past....well at least not to the extent it is now). I had my asthma review on Friday (15th) with my asthma nurse but she isnt taking me seriously, basically saying its my technique thats causing my 'symptoms', despite 2 other GPs saying my technique is fine!! Anyway I have been keeping a diary of my peak flow which is currently between 340 and 420!! My asthma nurse says it should be 500 for my height!! Im 5ft 8"" is this correct??

Im not sure how I can get my peak flow up. Does anyone have any suggestions?? Do you think a nebuliser may help?? Ive not been on one for so long I cant even remember how to go about getting put on one LOL!! What would you do in my situation?? My asthma nurse isnt doing anything and my GP just tells me to see the asthma nurse so im stuck!!

Thanks in advance for your help

Sarah xXx

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Your predicted peak flow is just a guide so dont read too much into not reaching it, you should go more on how you feel and the best peak flow for you in the past 12mths. Nebulisers are a far way offf yet, unless you have an acute attack when you maybe given one by emergency practitioners. Asthma nurses have a lot of traing and usually more than GPs? so dont rule out what she says? Peak flow is alot down to technique and it can make your results differ greatly.

Do you keep a peak flow diary, i suggest you keep one and do it before inhalers and 20mins after to see what an effect it has and then go do your asthma nurse with teh results and a list of your symptoms?

good luck

Andrea x


Excellent advice, Andrea.

When you say your nurse says that it's your technique, what is she referring to? Your use of the peak flow meter, or your general inhaler technique? Whichever, she will have more experience than I would expect a GP to have, so I'd be more inclined to listen to her advice.

Nebulisers are a VERY long way off, I feel. There are many more tweaks and additions to your medication that they will opt for before they resort to those.


Good Luck for tomorrows exam! I done this course myself a while ago! If your stressed about the exam and finishing all the course work it could be effecting your asthma.


wheezyab - Thanks for your advise its much appreciated =)

Peaksteve - My asthma nurse was referring to my technique when using my reliever on its own which is why she has put me back on my spacer so I get all of my medication. My peak flow technique is fine. I think I just need a change of medication as I have been using these a long time and over the past few months they have stopped reliever doesnt relieve my 'symptoms'!!

seana - Thanks for your good luck message I am absolutely sh*ttin it, I just cant wait for it to be over now!!


if its any help i aways use my spacer with all meds as easier and wrks better.


Hi Sarah

we have quite alot in common! I am also doing a course in childcare at the moment (nvq level 3) and I am having problems with my asthma nurse and docs not listening to me. my peak flows arn't to bad but I have symptoms almost every day and I had a bad attack last sunday but my asthma nurse just told me it's something I have to learn to live with and how I am managing my symptoms ok. she seems to think that taking 15 puffs of ventolin a day is normal!!!!

anyway I then phoned the asthma uk helpline and they were really helpful and suggested seeing my doctor and taking someone with me for moral support or to keep making appointments until they listen!


p.s good luck with your exam!


thats ok my con didn't bat an eyelid when told him was going through a full ventolin in a week. am avaeraging between 18-20 puffs day and I count 2 puffs as 1.


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