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To Sub Cut or not to Sub Cut?

Hi all,

Looking for a little bit of help. I was advised today that the only thing left for my Asthma is a sub cut with brycanyl. Does anyone have it? The pump they showed me looked small but was really heavy so I'm worried about carrying it round. Also a big thing is.... I'm scared of needles so I wonder if I will be able to do it. They said it would need to be done every three days so could I? Would I get used to it?

Also how is the palpitations with it? My resting heart rate at the mo on the last count was 132 and I'm wondering if using sub cut will knock it out of the ball park and make it really difficult to concentrate and deal with.

Any help would be appreciated.


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I have been on sub cut for around 8 months, it has been the best thing i could have tried, its reduced severity of attacks and my admissions.

I had a little bit of teething probs at the beginning with being very tach so it was temporarily stopped and i had a 24hr tape, all was normal and they restarted it at a lower dose and i have had no problems since.

You do get used to changing the needles, i have plenty of fat so makes it easier! it really doesnt hurt that much, honest. There is alot to it with having all the stuff to change syringes and needles but you have to weigh up the benefits and I can say in my case they out weigh the hassle element by far.

Feel free to message me if you want to ask anything more about this, I am happy to try and put your mind a rest if i can


Cheers. It was just sort of thrown on my today so was a little shocked. I suppose it is worth a try. It's a shame because they were considering me for xolair but my ige level was too high.

Thanks for the info. They said I can just give it a try so maybe I will try it....


I have been on subcut for a while now and have found it a HUGE help. I used to be in hospital for weeks and weeks on iv aminophylline but since being on it I only had 2 addmissions in one year. I was recently taken off of it in march and for a month was in and out 3 times which proved It helped. I am now back on it and doing better.

It can be rather annoying having to carry the pump around but compared to being in hospital poorly its worth it. There are various types of infusion sets but they are all relatively painless on insertion.

I had palpatations at first but with me they soon calmed down.



Cheers guys :) my consultant said I could have a bath with the sub cut in. Is this right? I have nerve damage in my leg and standing in the shower really hurts! They said using the sofsets would mean I can use a plug to plug it up and then have a bath?

I don't think I could do it unless I could have a bath.

Also... how do you get on with carrying it? Is there any nice carrier that you can use? Also how do you work it with clothes? I would just want it to be hidden!


I use sof sets and its fine to bath with them, heres a good site which shows you all about them and theres even a little demo to show how there inserted,

I've also bumped up a subcut thread that has lots of usefull info on.

Hope it helps

Clare :)


Thanks so much Clare! Seems a little less daunting now! :)


Been on s/c since 1994, although now I only use it when needed!

I pop the pump in a small pouch with a belt loop. small bum bags work nicely.

Tachy does settle after a few days

Needles, they are popped in the sub cutaneous skin layer so no need to aim for a vein. Get them to let you do the first one, you will then have control over it all.

Also please don't be disapointed if it doesn't work for you....

I see someone has bumped up the thread etc

Please ask if you need more info




Thanks Kate,

I know I shouldn't get my hopes up but I really can't help it. I was so annoyed when xholair was denied so I really hope it works. Getting into the garden would be such a pleasure!

I suppose I will give it a try... i've tried everything else!


Bumped up for Val


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