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asthma and exercise

I like running and find it very helpful for my asthma but recently I have been feeling breathless about an hour after exercise.

I take seretide regularly and ventolin before I run and as I need it.

I feel ok during the run but about an hour later I feel rough...feel breathless and tight and my throat is very dry.

Has anyone any ideas or advice?


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hi, and welcome.

Do you run with water? frequent drinking may help with the dry throat, surprising even in this cool weather.

As for the tight chest/shortness of breath, try taking your ventolin afterwards as well, but do a few peakflow readings 20mins and 1 hour after your run, may be exercise induced asthma, and you may need something for that, off course question, how long have you been running? and is it this cold weather? which does irritate the poor old airways, if so try running with a scarf or buff over your mouth, nasal breathing is better if you can do that.



Thanks Chris. I've been running for a few years. I'm very slow but did a couple of 5Ks last year and loved it so I'm doing a half marathon in March which is why I'm so frustrated about my asthma. The scarf is a good idea. I used to wear a buff which is a very light weight scarf made as a tube which was brilliant till I lost it! I'd forgotten about it but thanks to u I shall go and buy another! I don't drink while running but that might be a good idea too. It's just a pain carrying it. I use Seretide which I find good but I always run out for a few days at the end of the month because the doc wont give me 2 so that I have a bit of time to get a replacement. I knoe, I know.....i just need to be a bit more organised! I think I'll make an appointment to see the asthma nurse if they have one at my docs.


buffs are great, I buy loads from here

also the water bottle, not a problem if you use the runners aid type they fit around your hand easily and carry enough liquid for easily a half marathon.

Some won't do two inhalers on one script, I'm lucky mine will, but use the numbers on the back, as soon as it gets to 20-30 get another, I actually order them a month in advance,

maybe the lloyds pharmacy online would be easier, once you register and let them have the repeat bit, they'll email you 14 days before you run out and ask you to phone to tell them you want a refill. Phone 0800 707 6160 for details and also same number to reorder and pay, delievry is free as well. or online here


Thanks again Chris, lots of useful info there. I'll look at those websites and also follow up the lloyds one. Sorry for explaining what a Buff is, I realised when I re-read your post that u had already mentioned them. Went for a little run tonight and it wasn't as cold which seemed to make a difference so I think the scarf or Buff mght be the answer. It certainly helps to have a chat about these things with someone who has experienced similar problems so thanks again for taking the trouble to reply.


Hi again Chris, Forgot to ask, ""Are u a runner too?


yep, run, swim and bike, although runnings a bit awkward, recovering from shin splints ouch, so keeping the distance, speed and number well down, and asthma not allowing me to swim at the moment, arrrh drat.

Did quite a few 10k races last year and enjoyed them, but training runs tended to be longer as my partner who runs with me was training for a half marathon, the combination of different speeds and distanced did us both good, I'd got into the habit of doing short runs faster, while she wanted speed, and I gave her that push while she forced me to do distances lol!

hope you manage to find a solution that works, it does take a while and many forget that asthma can change over time.



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