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So I saw my consultant on Thursday and he has prescribed me 175mg Nuelin twice a day. This is a brand name of Theophylline.

After reading some of the previous posts here, I am a bit anxious about taking it but think I will start tomorrow.

I have read on the previous posts that any products containing caffeine should be avoided, and chocolate also. Just great!! I love both tea and chocolate.

Is there any other things I should avoid eating or drinking??

I don't drink much alcohol, but do like the odd beer. Any advice on Theophylline and alcohol??

Any other advice would be great before I start taking it, as my consultant just said you could feel sick for a few days.

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Hi ,they are really good and help keep airways open 12 hours at a time.You need blood tests to monitor the dose as to high dose can cause probs and not enough wont help. Can keep you awake and side effects but will settle down.I take them also .Love glynis xxx



on the contrary, poositively theophylline is a great drug for asthma, has the same properties as caffeine!

works well in keeping airways open etc.

as glynis says should be take roughly 12 hrs apart and need bloods taken to check levels incase dose needs to be altered.

side effects if u experience them should settle after max 4 weeks.

please dont worry, u shud be fine, but if still unsure u can always discuss ur concerns with the doc who prescribed them..


x x x


i have been taking them for years and eat and drink what i like!!! i dont think u have to avoid tea or chocolate!


I don't have much problem with Theophylline but I can't take really strong coffee with lots of caffeine as it makes me feel a little icky. Just be careful about drinking lots of expressos if your therapeutic dose is at the higher end of the scale.....

Chocolate no problem!



My 13yr old takes Nuelin 250 twice a day and never had any problems. It has really helped him. Keeping off tea/coffee/choc is a new one to me and I've been taking Theophylline most of my life!!


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