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Snowy - Sunday - Dare I believe ???

Hi everyone

Well after a terrible few days it might seem things are looking brighter, we did have to wait till sat eve for the 4% reduction due to her needing time to adjust and we are only managing 1 per day instead of the planned 2 , but she remained stable at that all night, which was a huge shock esp as she wasmt very good last night, I had to go home in the end just before midnight as was very unwell with the stress and tiredness but had a huge suprise when I rang this morn to find she was still at that level.

BUT then at just after 6 tonight they went to 5% and so far so good,.,,,,, dare I beleive that soon I will have my darling wife back ????

Then another good thing, my dad had an op to remove the blockage in the vessel to the heart and is stable in ccu, so positive news all round :-)


PS: forgot to say that after the extreme exhaustion last night I slept in total for 11hrs and then spent most of the day with the family and ate well !, it was nice being able to be away knowing she was stable for a change x

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Hi Alex, that's fantastic news! Am so pleased for you, I can begin to imagine something of the horrendous pressure you are undergoing having had a loved one myself fighting in Intensive Care. There are no words but we made a promise at the beginning of the roller coaster journey that we would always try to eat and rest. We could not have envisaged how hard a promise this would be to keep but food and rest do give strength to face things. I'm not going to 'nag' Alex but it does help if you can. My heart goes out to you and your loved ones, hang on in there we are all rooting for you and Snowy, love Lois x


Fantastic news Alex.Glad your dad is doing well also.X


So pleased for you Alex, wonderful news x


Ah that's brilliant news Alex. Pray for continued progress and healing for Andrea. Also for your dad. Also keep looking after yourself. :-)


God bless you all and keep you. I am thankful that prayers, medicine, Snowy immune system and everything else is producing favourable results. Also that your father is also stable. Take care and keep eating and resting when you can Alex. Glad you got the family time too, sure lewis could keep ur spirits up too.



Team Nag happy happy happy!!

Team nag are happy that you managed so much sleep and ate well :) woo hoo!!

even moreso, dare i say, i am almost ecstatic that andrea is doing so well and now managin 5% within minimal blips - so far so good - i believe, u will be getting your 'darling wife' back soon indeed, with continued support, prayers, meds and her continued sleeping workout she will continue to improve as she is doing, just takes time :)

its good to know ur dad is improving after the op and is in CCU. at least thats one less worry for you now - relief! :) glad you also got to speak to him. thats better than hearsay over the phone isnt it..

welcome to our new boss btw - Boss Master Lewis - to Team Nag :P so you can look out now, hehe

hugs as always

x x x


Alex, that's such good news about Snowy and your Dad. It seems as if things are slowly coming right for all of you.

Good news too that you managed to have a proper sleep, sit down meals and some quality time with Lewis and the rest of the family. You have SO needed to be able to do that, and I hope you feel much better for it.

Lots of hugs and positive thoughts.



Alex, so pleased to hear such positive news and so glad you'll be getting your wife back soon. Pleased also you're Dad's doing well. I'm sure the rest has done you good and you must feel so much better for it. Bih hugs to you and your family and thanks for keeping us updated. x


Everything crossed that all will continue in the right direction :) xxxxxx



What very good news about both your Dad and Snowy. Really sorry haven't been on lately. I peeped into AUK on my iphone, when I could over the last few days and crossed my fingers very tightly on everyone involved. Seems to have worked from what I hear. Real sleeps and eats for you too. I'm so pleased.

Bear hugs and smiles,

Moira xox


Good news, so glad your dads ok and they managed to help him. Im glad snowys getting there slowly, keep fighting snowy. That was a long sleep, i bet you feel much better now.



Keep fighting Snowy. Everyone on this site is praying for you!


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