Hi Everyone

Well where to start... went into dr's mtg this morn all tired and weary after a very long 2 days, as she finally stabalised at 7% at 3am this morn and I was prepared for more bad news ... BUT...

Got told her white cell count is nearly normal, when he showed me todays chest x-ray I thought he has someone eles as it was soooo diff and hardly any shadows which means the infection has nearly all gone!... AND.... they had said they hope to be able to extubate her fully in a matter of days !!!!!

I need a lay down now !!!! she will wake up and i will be asleep lol


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  • Alex, Just as well sitting down already when popped on here. Aw that's wonderful news. Take as much time as you need to lay down.


    Moira xox

  • Wonderful, wonderful news Alex!! Wow!! I look forward to the next instalment...

    Jac xxx

  • That's great Alex I'm so pleased and excited to I'm going to ward today yipee xxx

  • Woo-hoo!! Not much else to say is there? FANTASTIC news. :)

  • Excellent news!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fantastic news Alex .Made my day .love to you all xxx

  • Truly happy for you and Snowy, but still a long road for the pair of you until she fully recovers so remember to get regular sleep and food Alex, because she will need you more than ever when she wakes up.

    Best Wishes Katina

  • Great news Alex. I'm so happy for you all.

    Sending hugs and positive thoughts to everyone, with a couple extra for your Dad - I hope he's improving as well.

  • Ah Alex im so pleased for all of you xx

  • Brilliant news, Alex make sure your presentable when she wakes up. God is good, thank God the doctors kept fighting as Snowy lungs recovers.


  • Fab a Rooney Alex, I am so pleased for you and Lewis.

    Clare Xx

  • Fab a Rooney Alex, I am so pleased for you and Lewis.

    Clare Xx

  • Fantastic news!

  • woohoo! Just counting the days now...

  • wonderful news, i bet you are all getting excited and you wont be able to sleep.


  • That's definitely the best news I've heard all day! xxx

  • lol my god she is a fighter isnt she....fantastic news xxx

  • That's wonderful news. She really is a fighter. Really pleased for you all.

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