As the clock was about tic click over into the 5 week mark, she was successfully extubated and looked up at me for the first time, there are no words to describe that feeling as the tears rolled down my face, for sooooo long I have been in a dark scary place, a place where only I was honest to myself of my thoughts of loosing her, a place where I tried to hope, but struggled daily to re-ignite that candle of hope.

The extubation itself was not without its problems, but we got there in the end, which is all that matters....

She cannot really speak from the tube, and is extreemly groggy and at this point has no idea that 5 weeks have passed, I think I will let her get over the sedation before filling her in...


I wrote this as a lasting memory of what we have all been through….

Andrea (Snowy)

At the time I didn’t know how much I needed you

I didn’t even know how much I cared

I was too tired and in too much pain

I was hurt and so utterly scared

You looked so small and innocent lying there

But still perfect in every way

It’s hard to remember you like that now

The memories I have are fading away

But I wish I could have been there with you

Just once for a second would of done

Just to know what it felt like

To of taken your burden from you and our son

I can’t forgive myself for thinking I was loosing you

So I never expect you to do the same

I felt I let you down so badly at times

And the guilt inside me will always remain

But never a second has gone by

That you have not been in my mind

I love you more, than I loved you then

My darling wife so genuine, beautiful and kind

Every year on this day

I will want to be by your side

A place that’s safe and near to you

A place that from the world that I can hide

I’m opening my arms for you now

So come to me please Andrea, feel my arms so tight

I am your husband who feels so much for what you went through

Only now have we ended this fight ..


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  • Omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!

    I've tears rolling down my cheeks! I'm absolutely thrilled beyond belief for you all!

    Soooooooooo fantastic!

    Heaps of love to you Andrea, Alex and Lewis xxxxx

  • thank god for this fantastic news,love and best wisshes to you allx

  • OMG! Alex I am crying too, what wonderful news I am SO happy for you Lewis and all the family.

    Snowy is very lucky to have such a wonderful husband, lots of love to you all.

    Clare Xx

  • That's it, me too, tears are streaming!!!

    This is fantastic news, I'm so glad Snowy is back. She has the care of her fantastic and devoted Husband and Son to get better for and get home to, she is so lucky to have someone so caring and in love with her, I'm sure she know this. Sending all my love xxx

  • Fantastic Alex we prayed and she came through it. Im in floods of tears of joy and with their to hug you all. Lots of love hugs and kisses to Andrea and Lewis and you also. xxx

  • Beautiful words for a beautiful lady. Alex, so happy for you. Will be wearing such a big grin for the rest of the day. Still holding you in the light for as long as needed.

    Big joyful hugs,

    Moira x

  • such amazing news well done to all of you! Hugs all round

  • Alex, such lovely words for Snowy, from your heart to hers.

    You've done better than you think at keeping yourself together over the last few weeks. When most people would have lost hope and given up you stayed at Snowy's bedside as long as you could and when you weren't there you spent time with Lewis to help him deal with what was happening. You dun good!

    I'm soooo happy for you all. Welcome back, Snowy, we all missed you.


  • That's wonderful news. :) So so pleased for all of you. I shall join everyone else in needing to take out shares in Kleenex!

  • Congrats Alex, Lewis for staying strong and allowing us to pray and send our love cos it certainly was a journey but we didn't give in. Now I can stop checking on you, I told you to look presentable.


  • That is fantastic news!

    I am so pleased!

    Huge smiley hugs to you all especially Snowy Andrea!




  • There just are no words........kleenex moment here too :'D

    So, so happy for you all.

    Fee x x

  • Brilliant News : )

  • Hallelujah

    Hallelujah! Brilliant news. Wow amazing. That news has set the frame of my sermon for sunday. Its been a long 5 wks Alex but you had faith. :-)

  • I'm so thrilled for you Alex to have your wife back with you and for Lewis to have his Mum back after 5 terrible long weeks. What beautiful words you've written, Snowy's one tough cookie I knew she'd never give up. Will be thinking of you all over the weekend when Snowy will feel better and be able to talk. Such a fantastic outcome, big hugs to you and you,re family.

  • Lots of tears here too, such lovely words alex. Brill news im so happy for you all, alex and lewis you must be on cloud 9. Welcome back snowy and hope you get well soon, glad we could support you such a difficult time even though we couldnt be there we were behind you all the way. Alex you had better start looking after yourself or snowy will be after you lol.

    Lots of love and hugs to you all

  • wen i said yesterday was best news ever, i was almost right :


    btw - where is my lorry of kleenex? i have run out + house is flooding :P

    welcome back snowy, snowy been waiting for you - what we say before? us snowys are fighters, and we go through EVERYTHING together - with each other till the end okay :)

    i couldnt be happier if i tried :) :) :) :) :)

    though after reading that alex - thanks you made me cry yet again!! already crying tears of joy, but those words are just beautiful. wow o wow o wow

    you + lewis truly are inspirational.

    never mind the grogginess etc, you got plenty time catch up now :) and your hols look forward to - world's your oyster as they say :P


    Emotional, Team Nag

    x x x

  • Beautifully put Alex - your words put me in mind of that old chinese saying ""being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage"" (don't ask me the guy's name tho). I think all three of you have love, strength and courage in abundance

    let's all raise a glass or 3 this evening to andrea, alex and lewis - here's to you all! Cheers!!!!


  • flippin brilliant - the news everyone has been waiting for and it doesnt get better than this - good on ya girl for putting up a brilliant fight. god bless the excellent doctors and nurses xxx

  • Amazing!! I'm so happy for you all :D

  • Excellent news - it's been a long 5 weeks.

  • That is the best news I have heard in ages Alex. All the best to you all as you all recover from this. Onwards & upwards!

    Love & hugs to you all



  • So happy for you and Lewis, but please keep us posted on how Snowy is coming along! Give her a big hug from the AUK message board users.

    Big Smiley Faces :) Katina

  • That is really wonderful news! The worst is over and you have your wife back and Lewis has his mum back. I am so happy for you both. Here's to full recovery and Snowy back at home where she belongs.

    All the best.

    Dave and Jean.

  • today has been a long time coming but its finally happened, i cant imagine how you and Lewis are feeling Alex lets hope Andrea makes progress every day and is back home soon enough with her little family. xxxxx best news ever once again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • So so pleased to hear this! Was hoping today would be the day. Welcome back Snowy! It has been long journey but you've done such an amazing job staying strong Alex, for yurself and Lewis, when it must have been so hard. Xxx

  • Im thrilled for you! Ive been watching AM and PM for news and am so pleased that everything is okay. Take care xx

  • Great news :)

  • awww thats great news about snowey!!!hope she comes round soon!!

    thinking of you ALL!!!

    Katie x

  • I can honestly say I had tears in my eyes when I read this.

    Alex, I'm so pleased you have your wife back and that Lewis has his mum again. Things won't be easy for a while, but the chain has started now and with a lot of TLC, we may have our Andrea back with us soon.

    Thinking of you all at this amazing time

    Vicky xx

  • So, so thrilled for all of you!

    Love the poem.

    Hope that things go smoothly now, and that you can enjoy interacting with your precious wife again

  • I am so overjoyed for u all. Enjoy your family all together again. Make sure you all get plenty of rest and good food. With love hugs and kisses to u

  • had tears in my eyes when I saw this, so happy that she is one step closer to you being a family talking together again. Will keep you in my prayers still x

  • Brought tears to my eyes too, I'm so happy for you guys x

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