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Snowy - update Sunday

Well we seem to of gone full circle, yest started off promising and they went ahead and did the 2nd phase reduction, she managed for about an hour then they had to put it back half way again, and all seemed ok for a while, Lewis and her parents came in and at least saw her when she was ok, then early eve she started to show signs of more distress, sats dropped and hr increased a lot.

The docs were great and spent ages with her trying everything to stabalise it so we did not have to undo everything that they had done that day, but it didn’t work, we ended the day where we started back at phase 1.

The only good thing is that we are still at that point and not on total support, which I feared would happen.

I gave in around 10:15pm and went home for some sleep, after realising I had only had 6hrs sleep since thur! and was getting a right ear bashing from all corners !!!, only got a bit of sleep though as cant seem to shut my mind down!

So I don’t know what today will bring yet


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still thinking of you Alex and hoping for the best.


Thanks for the updates. Must be so difficult having improvements and then going back but as you said at least still where the day started. Remember to take care of yourself too though (not nagging, promise, snowy can do that when she's able to). Thinking of you all and hoping today brings more improvements


Thanks for the updates Alex. Sorry it's not more good news but as you say she's not back on full support and they did say it might happen like this, didn't they, with steps forward and back! Snowy has come so far already, she will get there though it must be so hard to watch especially when things don't go as you were hoping.

Hope you got some sleep! xx


Thanks for the update, Alex. Please add my voice to those gently reminding (nagging) you to eat and sleep. You are wonderfully committed to Snowy, and I have so much respect for that, but I've been on the other side of that, and would hate to see my loved ones making themselves sick for my sake.

Sorry to hear that yesterday was a case of one step forward, one step back. It must be disappointing, but as you say, at least it wasn't two steps back!

Still rooting so hard for your beautiful Snowy - she's an impressive fighter!

Wishes (with love)


Oh Alex, please don't be discouraged. Snowy is still in a better place than she was a couple of days ago, and maybe her body is telling the doctors to let her take her time. She's been fighting for a long time so it's only reasonable to expect her to need to have a long rest after making a step forward so that she can gather strength for the next one.

I'm so pleased that Lewis and your in-laws were able to see her when she was stable and comfortable as I'm sure it meant a lot to them all.

You are putting so much of yourself into helping Snowy recover so (without nagging) take a little time to eat and rest. I can understand how difficult it must be for you to get some sleep so maybe the best thing to do would be to find somewhere comfortable and just listen to music and try to get your body to relax so that you feel rested. Alternatively, put the Grand Prix on and listen to that - it never fails to put me off to sleep! lol.

Many hugs and positive thoughts to all.



Its not going to be a sprint then but a marathron but Snowy is definetly fighting and the doctors are helping but it make take a little while. Alex please eat and rest well so you stay strong. I am very glad Lewis and Granparents saw Snowy stable too. You are perserving and we are praying. So we have to be patient. Sorry if i am nagging you to look after yourself whilst all this is going on.I am constantly thinking and praying for you all daily. So I count every blessing. Snowy is not where she was and thats good.



Thinking of you all xxx


Hi Alex. Just catching up as to where Andrea is up to. I was preaching else where this morning and mentioned her in my sermon so somemore folk praying for her. As others have said don't be downhearted she is heading in right direction just a few steps back and I would say this is probably usual. Certainly can be with the babies we look after. Wishing you all God's blessing and continue to keep you in prayer. Catherine


Sorry to hear that things are not going as well as you hoped.

Still thinking of you and Lewis in this difficult time.



Sorry to hear everything didnt go to plan, maybe snowy thinks theyre trying to rush her. Im sure she'll be back when her body is good and ready.It is going to take time and she will make small steps, but good news shes not on full support. Keep positive, its going to be a long journey. I hope you are all keeping well, thinking of you all at this time.


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