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Snowy - Thursday - (updated 12:15pm)

First of all sorry that I did not come back on last night, (thanks Fiona for doing it for me), I just could not face it, and the hardest thing I have ever had to do was go home and tell her parents and especially Lewis, it broke my heart to see him cry like that.

Met with the consultant a few mins ago and he said they might try again later today, after they have re-assessed her, so we will have to wait and see on that one, he said not to be too despondent about the fail yesterday (hmm easy for him to say!), as it showed some positive signs in that she was able to retain her sats for a short while, and it also gave them a good indication that they were doing it right, as if they had just extubated her right out she probably would have had to of been re-ventilated straight away, and that would of put even more strain on her body. He also said that it was probably to be expected after what her body went through with the drug reaction a couple of day’s prior.

He also said that there never was an “ideal time” with critical patients, and more often than not it’s worth a try, more so, so they can assess the reaction and know more about what her body is capable of doing on its own at the moment.

For me, I just got my hopes up too much I guess and have to be patient (I beginning to hate that expression!), especially as we approach the 3 week mark tomorrow, my patients has become a little frayed around the edges.

So, another day of sitting and waiting I guess. Take care all.

And snowygirl If I find out you have been up & about today you will get a severe telling off lol


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Thanks for the update, still thinking and praying for you all x


Replied on Costa thread then saw this one - thanks for the update!

Sorry that it didn't work out this time but clearly is not all bad news, just more waiting which of course is hard in itself. The consultant seems to be pretty honest with you judging from things you reported him saying during the worst times so the fact that he doesn't seem too worried about it not working the first time maybe good sign? I do hope it works next time though and that Lewis is doing better now - so hard on all of you.

btw ever heard the expression pot calling kettle black? Your warning to Snowygirl made me laugh considering how often she and the rest of us have been telling you to look after yourself!


ok Philomela - the reply is: Touché !

However in my defence, she is a nurse and should no better lol and its called pay-back for all the nagging she does to me !!

And besides which im just a mere man !




lol I think you got your payback in! When Andrea does wake up she is going to be nagging both of you to look after yourselves!

And the rest of us will be joining in... ;)


hi Alex, thinking of you all.Fingers crossed for later xxx


Hi Alex, thanks for the quick update. I'm so disappointed for you that it didn'tgo to plan but the team seem to be taking things slowly and cautiously which isn't a bad thing considering what Snowy's body has been through. Fingers crossed for today and I will be thinking of your family today. Take care, has you mother-in-law made you a packed lunch as it sounds as though it will be another long day. x


update 12:15

Ok, well the re-assessment went well, they are in the process of giving some high dose iv drugs now to get her lungs as stable as they can, as they hope (fingers crossed) to try again this afternoon.

Oh and forgot to say earlier, that last night Lewis sat up till really late doing his mum a CD of all her fav songs, and talked to her in-between each track, he was spurred on with the docs saying that she would be more likely to hear him with the reduced sedation on the weaning process!, really wish I had his coping methods!, so will play it to her today and each time they have to try!



Crossed fingers for later Alex! What a lovely idea of Lewis's, hopefully if everything goes to plan Andrea will wake up to that and you being there.

Will be thinking of you all and hoping to hear good news. xxx


Well done lewis, I can see Snowy listening to that cd and getting better so she can take over again. Alex try to eat and rest and not over think, Snowy will be careful weaned off ventilation. Thank you for the update.



Lewis' idea is inspired and the ideal thing to help Snowy. Alex, you and Snowy must be so proud of him. Positive thoughts to you all.



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