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Snowy -On Sunny Smiley Friday! - (Updated at 12 noon :-)

Ok, well first off I am writing yest off, best left forgotten it was the worst day of my life and now lets move on... as The sun is shining, the birds are singing and todays going to be a good day! I Just know it..

Her temp has come down again to 105 !!!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Been stable again overnight and most of yesterday during the day, and now Im hoping for more good news on test results today - please !

What a difference 24 hrs can make !

Thanks everyone for being so supportive still , looks like prayers might still be working even if it seems the last 2 days worth got lost in the post - lol :-)

Take care


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Oh good. Glad that another day has brought that temp down. AND no crashes. Keep it up Snowy!

We're still here for you Alex, and will cheer and commiserate as the day dictates

Geina x

(who now needs to go and share wtih another set of people who get most upset when I don't keep them updated! you all have prayers and thoughts from the world round quite literally)


I'm sorry that yesterday was a horrid day. You're right- let's start today with a clean slate. Sunshine and optimism all the way!

It sounds as though at least one thing is heading in the right direction. Keeping on with the hopes and prayers that everything else follows suit, and that your Snowy starts to come back to you!

Hugs to you and the rest of the family.



Morning Alex...good news :)

Still thinking of you all...still praying.




Pleased to hear the latest. Hope Lewis is bearing up ok. Thinking of you all. xx


Hi Alex.

Thats great news! Our prayers are working.



Thanks for 'checking in' Alex. As ever, you, Snowy, Lewis and Andrea's mum are in our prayers. It's a beautiful blue sky Friday here. Could be a day of renewed hope.


Moira xx


Alex, I'm so pleased that you've been able to put yesterday behind you. The way you've kept strong all this time has been amazing and I'm certain that your presence and faith in her is helping Snowy to keep fighting.

Today's news is fantastic and as always, I'm sending positive thoughts to you all.



Alex, stay positive, today is a new day and you're right to concentrate on the positives. Thinking of you and your family, hope the tests results are good. Thanks for taking the time and effort to post we're here for you, praying hard!. Take care of yourself Alex, make sure you get enough rest and remember to eat even if you don't feel like. The sun always makes you feel better!.


still thinking of you all.

with much love, chell.xx


Update after cons meeting at 12 noon

Ok its me again, and yes the sun is still shining (in fact is dam warm!)

Just seen cons, he’s very happy that temp down another degree yest to 105, and certain now that this new cocktail of drugs is starting to work. Repeated test results from yest also show some more positive signs so all in all (dare I say it ???) I think we might be heading in the right direction.

I asked when he thought they might try and extubate her, didn’t really get a straight answer on that one (think politicians and dr’s are trained the same way!), but didn’t expect one either…but worth an ask lol

Guess now its more of being trying to be patient, he said if her heart rate remains stable over another 24 hrs, temp goes down a little bit more and the next set of results are equally positive she will be taken off the critical list… (Now I have always wondered if that’s just a phrase or if there actually is a written list ?? humm something to ponder on in the wee small hours no doubt!)

I’m off now to have some lunch with Andrea's parents & Sister (before all of you nag me again!) and then later on I’m going to pick Lewis up from school, and spend a little time with him before I come back here, hope you are all ok.

........Was just thinking though that 14 days ago she was just out of hospital from her mammoth 31 day spell, looking forward to getting back to normal, totally enjoyed spending the first night In her own bed, and then what seemed like a fairly insignificant attack around 4pm that day could of spiraled so much that we end up where we are now 2 weeks on….. Scarey eh!

Take care



Alex, so glad to hear there's some good news and things are better than yesterday! Was really happy this morning to see the thread title, bit worried about the update before I read it but great that more positive news about the drugs and tests - long may it continue and crossed fingers things stay stable and she does get off that possibly mythical list soon.

Hope you enjoy your lunch and your time with Lewis and hope to see you back here later with some more positive news. xx



prayers are being answered , slowly we areheading the right direction, we ar getting there :)

i am with you on saying today is defo gonna be a good day, esp as her temp going down more as well, i just know it will be a good day :D

stable is good!

awaiting test results again now :)

hallelujah, and thankyou!!

x x x


Come on snowygirl you of anyone should be able to answer my question of the critical list..... it is just a saying or is there a clipboard somewhere with a list of names on it ?? lol



there are a team known as critical care team/ outreach team in ITU where i work and in other trusts i been into costa - and they visit the 'critical' patients moreso as well as others who arent as critical, so they have a 'list' of both critical and 'notso' critical. so andrea be moved one step down :D hehe

so yes there is a list lol, not a myth x

p.s. 2 weeks ago today, day when she got admitted, around this time, i spoke with her on the phone, with the cat lying across her lap :-)


the critical care team dont discharge you from their care until u in HDU at least though....


Thank God her temperature has gone down some more and she is stable. I will ask my praying friends to continue praying, as the doctors do their bit and Snowy immune system functions properly and Alex remains upbeat. Glad lewis is keeping u busy with school run. Be sure we will do our bit everyday.



Great news Alex! Lovely to know that you're going to have a proper lunch and spend some time with Lewis this afternoon. I'm sure it will do you both good.

Positive thoughts still coming in your direction.




That is brilliant news, so pleased it is looking more positive.


great news alex, another step in right direction.

my thoughts and prayers still with you all (sent by courier service, dont want anymore getting lost in post lol).


woohoo xxx onwards and upwords slowly xxxLove and prayers and positivity xxx


Hi Alex

Great to hear some good news, so pleased for you, prayers continuing and thank you for taking time to update us.

Clare Xx


Sounds good Alex, my thoughts - as ever - are with you all. Heres hoping for a good day tomorrow


we like stable :)

good update to read. thankyou alex.

hope you had a nice lunch and lewis is ok :)

drs & politicians definitly went to the same schools LOL.

Geina xx


nice to hear...thanks for updating us all.


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