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Snowy Update - Saturday :-) - Updated 6pm

Ok, well apart from a strange blip when her temp shot back up yest eve for around an hour and then came back down to where it was for some bizarre reason that has everyone scratching their heads at, Andrea has remained stable yest afternoon and overnight.

Just been given the results of yesterdays tests and yes we have even more positive news !!!!, her white blood cell count has come down a bit which is first time since the severe infection took hold and that with the news that the shadows on her lung x-rays have also reduced, means now for defo that the infection has stopped spreading and is indeed reducing!, no-one could be 100% sure that the temp drop alone meant this but now they are certain.

They are now hoping that drastic measures mentioned before may now not be needed (fingers crossed!) and that time itself along with the meds and interventions will be the healer.

I stayed here till around 1am, but failed to get any sleep at all when I got home, I think my body has got into a pattern of going and going until I drop and then sleep well for a night etc, then start over again, never mind, it was a good job that FeeJay was working nights and kept me company! Or mind you I think I was helping her keep awake!!! – so thank you for the company.

Sorry snowygirl that I didn’t text you, we were both hoping you were sleeping soundly!

Sorry for late update, had to come here briefly first thing to see docs, then go into work for around 6hrs, as I think they have forgotten who I am over last 2 weeks, and have a new multi-million pound contract starting on Mon that I have overseen since the beginning and had to re-brief everyone on who needs to do what etc, then I’ve come straight back here from work.

A tired but happy & dare I say optimistic? Alex x

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What a brilliant update to wake up to :)

Yes the keeping company was mutual Alex...thanks a lot!

Hugs to all



apology accepted alex ;) lol... was indeed sleeping of/on woke up few times checking my phone during attacks :S but no costa! :) glas feejay was kept awake during night shift lol

what did i say bout keeping the positivity goin and temp goin down being good sign :P now its infection level too :) happy that the 'radical measure' NAY NOT be needed now infection on way down :)

HALLELUJAH!!!! we getting somewhere, and dare i say too we can all breathe sigh of rellief our girl is getting there SLOWLY but SAFELY and SURELY. must have read her the latest texts and newspaper articles bout ARSEnal then as promised :P haha :)

congrats on work contract too :) positive, happy news all round!!!!!

x x x


YEAH....Things are moving in the right direction, Snowy immune system will continue fighting. Praise God. Thanks for the update, try cat naps if you can Alex. Let your contract be successful as u take the lead.



good news...I am so happy for you all...keep positive


Great news, so glad to hear more positive news and hoping it keeps going that way and no drastic intervention required after all!

Good luck with the contract and with the other thing re Lewis and his school trip ;)



Yey! That's great news! Good to hear white blood cells down, x-rays slowly clearing and esp drastic procedures may not be needed. It can be a long slow slog recovering from major infections like this and hard to watch someone going through it. Don't worry about the contract if you can (not sure what line of work you're in?) but can be good to take your mind off everything else.

Sleep when you can and take of yourselves, good luck to snowy and hope improvements keep coming.


Fantastic news Alex. Keep positive and don't forget to look after yourself as well as Andrea and Lewis.

Love and lots of positive thoughts.



Good girl Snowy, keep fighting and show the lungs who's the boss!. With the positive news Alex you can maybe relax a bit and be allowed to concentrate on your big contract, hope your work have been understanding during this stressful time. Thinking of you and your family and keeping fingers crossed Snowy's turned a corner. x


Wonderful news Alex, keep fighting Snowy!! I will continue to send positive thoughts xxx


Update 6pm

Just to say thanks all, and she still remains stable :-)

They have just done some more tests so fingers crossed for tomorrow and then been told we are having a FULL team meeting on Monday morning, so hopefully if all remains ok and the next set of results are as good then she will hopefully be taken off the firts stage of the critical list (I know Snowygirl explained it to me on earlier post but cant remember exactly how it goes - but remember it goes in stages of critical, so hope to move one stage down from the top ! so I have everything crossed for that!

Were all off now for a nice meal out, make a change to be able to sit and relax and chat for a bit, and for it not to be hospital canteen food!!!! - Know its too early for a celebration meal but will be nice all the same.

Be back later on to check on her and you never know I might even get to go home at reasonable O'clock tonight and sleep !



Lovely news,Snowys doing great and day by day hope for more positive news.love to you all and have a lovely meal xxx


Thats good news Alex, I hope you get to relax a little


keep the positives coming :) hope you can get some good sleep soon

Geina x


Andrea's stats do sound a lot more hopeful.

Sleep well tonight Alex and Lewis.


Moira x


Hope you all had a lovely meal, and that Snowy remained stable while you were out. Thinking of all of you, and praying for a peaceful, restful night for all of you.


Thats fab news alex. So glad to hear that Snowy has remained stable and that things are beginning to look brighter for you all.

Often in my thoughts, sending love to yourself and Lewis. And of course Snowy.x


Thanks for the update Alex, nice to hear good news about Snowy. Still sending positive thoughts your way with the hope of further improvement. Take care.


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