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Snowy - Saturday - 1 day in :-)

Hi everyone

Firstly I have to say how touched I was by all your replies to my message, sorry about causing a crying epidemic!

She had a fairly settled first night, had to have a few nebs and on high 02 but that’s to be expected at this stage, she’s still very groggy and sleepy but cons said it will take a while for the prolonged sedation to wear off.

Today I have to try and fill her in a bit, she still thinks its early July as she wrote on a pad to Lewis last night if he was looking forward to the summer break up from school, I told him not to correct her as she was not in a place to understand last night, so now I have to start feeding her bits to get her head around the time frame and how ill she has been.

I also have to go away with work next week, I am really glad that she is awake before I go, but now just don’t want to leave her, so its going to be very hard. Lewis will update her fb page for me, and Feejay & snowygirl said that they will put some updates on here, and she has her family with her so wont be alone.

It was nice that Lewis and her parents got to spend some time with her last night, as he was jumping all over the place with excitement bless him!, left her around 10ish as I felt I could sleep standing up by that point, esp after someone forgot to re-fill my adrenaline drip!!! lol

We are due to go away to Portugal in just under 3 weeks, so really hoping that she will get the all clear to go, as what better place to re-cuperate than a lovely private villa in the mountains, with nothing to do but rest and get well !

Thank you all once again, I had thought of disappearing into the background after this is over but a few ppl have asked me not to, cant think why lol, but will think about opening an account of my own and put the odd post up myself if people think that’s also ok?

take care everyone


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So glad she's doing so well, and I hope she comes to terms with the 'time loss' okay. I remember when I was in ITU/Costa for far too long, I struggled with the time loss and knowing what day it was, what I'd missed etc.

Of course you're welcome to stick around - though remember the nag crew are also here so you might not get much rest coming here!! :)

I hope you can go on your holiday - it sounds the perfect respite after such a difficult time.


Hi Alex im so happy for the way things are going wih snowy and all the family and please dont just faid away we all have grown to like you as part of the AUK family and it would be really sad not to hear from you so please open a account on the message boards will be nice to hear how you are doing time to time and even help people out with advice because you have alot of knowledge of asthma and will be able to help out thanku and take care x


please don't disappear now :) and i hope that she can come to portugal too. sounds like bliss. on the other ahnd, i'd not be suprised if they said no :(

i'm sure suprised lewis didn't break thru the ceiling with his jumping bean antics yesetrday!

Geina xx


So pleased to hear that Snowy is improving. Really happy for all of you. A holiday sounds like just what you all need! xx


Great to hear that she's still improving. It must be very hard for her to come to terms with losing so much time and realising how very ill she's been, but she couldn't ask for anyone better than you and Lewis to help her get her head round it all.

I hope she can get well enough to go to Portugal in the 3 weeks she's got, and I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Alex, I hope you don't fade away now. We've all got used to having you around :-)


Alex we have really, reallly enjoyed your posts, even if we have cried, laugh and everything else. Maybe you can help help those who have relatives suffering asthma laugh and smile to. Cos your wife will definately be amused by all your posts. Sorry you have to get back to work but hopefully you all get to go to away soon on vacation. I am sure Lewis will be great at keeping us updated. You all are truely a wonderful family. So glad Snowy is communicating once again. God bless you all.



I'm glad that things are going well and am sure that you'll see her through the realisation process of time lost etc. Please stay, as its already been said you can help others struggling in similar situations.

Am still sending positive thoughts - now for a quick recovery and holiday for you all.


Glad Andrea is doing well and in time she will come to terms with being out of it

for a long time and face a happy future with her loving family with lots of support

and friends on here xxxxxxxx


Hi Alex,

Just wanted to say hope things improve with breaking news to Andrea but so glad you have her back - pity about the work trip but hope that goes ok! Crossing fingers she's well enough for your holiday, like you say sounds great for recuperation.

And please do open an account and stick around. I've missed Snowy not being here but it's been great having you around and if you disappear once she's able to come on herself I think we'd all miss you! xxx


alex it's been so kind of you to find the time and energy to keep us posted. Snowygirl too! I don't post all that often but i like to keep up to date with how the people with difficult asthma are doing. Please stick around, you've been an example to me, such stamina and determination despite what must have been some desperate low points x


Hi All texted Snowy today to see how she was doing. Got moved to HDU due to shortage of beds on ITU snowy was not on HDU very long had an attack and had to go back to ITU as sats dropped to 68% now up to 83% on ITU she ok but very tierd her consultant went mad that she was taken out of ITU. I hope I havent stood on anyones toes posting this just thought you would want to know take care all xx


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