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Now worried about heart


Hi all

Had an awful month, bounced back and forth to cost 4 times and now finally home for more than a day!

But now my GP is worried about my heart so got an urgent referral to see a cardiologist, I have always known that my heart rate is very high, but I guess its like most things when someone asks you if its like that a lot , you think yeh its always fast... but you dont do anything about it on a normal day, rested its always over 100 and when having an attack nearer 200!, but like with most things people only take it when your having an attack and then theres a reason so no-one takes much notice, just in last few weeks been getting bad palpatations, thought it was too many costa vists but gp does not think its to do with that, so she has got me urgent referral for 2 weeks time, so bit worried now :-(

Snowy x

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You are having a rough month you poor thing! At least you don't have to wait long for the appointment.

My resting heart rate is always over 100 and I think when I have been in hospital it is initially about 180. I have had tests on my heart though and it is fine (I think this was more because I have atypical asthma). One of the nurses on the chest ward told me that if you heart rate is always high you don't notice it after a while. She said that is why they monitor you on IV Mg as often people like me won't notice if their heart rate goes ridiculously high.

I hope the appointment goes well- let us know how you get on.

Take care




I also had to have my heart checked and had a scan and the wires on me and it

did show a problem but as it was just about boarder line,they said no action was needed and not

the cause of my breathing problem.

So now im back under the hospital asthma clinic for my asthma and have to ring them if having problems.

Hope you soon have you tests and results.

When had my scan I was told that day the results.

love glynis xxx


Hi Snowy,

Sounds like one thing after another! But at least you should know soon.

If it's at all reassuring I'm also waiting for a cardiologist appt (when they get round to arranging it). Like you I have a very fast rate (went right up to over 170 when I started running for train which I could still do then). My last hospital did notice this when doing heart tests (at that point just to rule out the heart) - however they didn't seem worried and never actually referred me to a cardiologist, just got results back to them of ECG, Holter, echo and decided all fine but noted the high rate.

My new consultant however is slightly less blase and decided to refer me to an actual cardiologist to make sure there's nothing going on, since during my appt with her I was well over 100 after just sitting down for a while and after she had me doing a bit of slowish walking to check if sats dropped, it went up to 145! I have noticed actually that it tends to go a bit mad, like speeding right up when I turn over in bed or just being very fast for no good reason.

Hope you get on ok but it does seem to be something a lot of people on here have so crossed fingers nothing bad! Let us know how it goes. xx

Good luck.

My son has a heart issue and I've come to appreciate cardiologists, I've not met a scary one yet.


I have heart problems as a direct result of my asthma :( I hope you get to the bottom of the problem and it's nothing serious xx

I'm going through this at the moment. I'm physically fit but my resting HR is over a 100. Doctor thinks it could be the asthma meds but I'm booked in for an ECG and echo. I'm high risk so I have to stay the night in the hospital

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