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Great appointment at new hospital

Hi all,

For those that know me they will know that I have struggled really badly with my asthma since my Serious spell last year and finally got a referal to a new hospital last week.

The appointment was amazing, and my new cons is lovely both in his ability and in looks lol, he really thinks he can help me and thinks I am an interesting case!

I'm so happy and now can look to the future with a bit more positivity, and want to say that when it all seems doom and gloom something good can happen and maybe even turn a corner

Andrea snowy xxx

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Snowy, I'm so v v pleased for you. You really deserve some fresh eyes and a new outlook. I'm so chuffed that he can help you and lead you to the road of recovery. The fact that he's lovely in the looks department is always a bonus!! ;-)

Take care and lots of love.

Emily x

Now that sounds like fantastic news!!! :-)

Oh Snowy, that is great news.

I wanted to say darling that you got this because you refused to lay down and die (excuse that)

The last dr you saw said stuff you didn't agree with and you failed to accept this and went back to your GP and your itu cons and insisted they found someone who could help you, you did this babe and no one else, your a true fighter and that's what I love about you

Many if they had been through what you have in the last year would of given up, but not you!!

And yes I did notice you checking him out lol, from a make point of view I guess I could admit he was handsome !, but the nurses were nice too :)

A notice to people is that there is always someone somewhere that can possibly help, just have belief and keep fighting for yourself as if you can't do it for you no one will hand it to you on a plate!

Love you soo much


Wow, Lewis is a very lucky boy to have such wonderful, loving, strong parents. You both deserve this so much :-) x

Snowy I am SO delighted to hear this, wonderful news for you and your family.

Lots of love Clare Xxxx

Awww Alex what did I do to deserve you as my wonderful hubby xxxxxx


It is so lovely to hear this, you deserve the best treatment after the fights you have gone through. The best of luck.

Jac xx

Great news andrea ..... And I agree wie Alex . Well done snowy

Thats fantastic news Andrea Snowy xxx

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