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I sometimes think I only cope because of my wonderfull husband and son....

Last week we had to have one of my beloved cats put to sleep, we found him paralised from the mid back down, he was dragging himself along the floor with his front paws, lost all control of his tail and bowels, the vet did try but sadly it turned out that he had a blood clot in his spine which had cut off his nervous system and luckily tho he could feel nothing, so was not in pain, his temp did not even register witin a few hours, so we knew there was no hope.

It absolutly broke my heart as we rescued him 14 years ago from a canal, half dead with cat flu and pneumonia and 2 vets said he stood no chance, but we tried and after a lot of treatment he pulled through, we loved him to bits and he went on to live a wonderful life!

Anyway I was so upset that I cried my eyes out, and never a good idea with me as crying always brings on an attack, this attack was so severe tho that apparently i stopped breathing and was rushed to hosp and once again vented, luckily due to the quick reactions of paramedics etc I was ok, and got home last night, but it was the things that my family did that got me through. I had only just got home from hosp too, prob why it took it out of me like it did, but I have the fantastic medical staff to thank a lot for.

My family sorted everything out for me, so I did not have to face it when I got well, we have now got a lovely memorial stone coming so we can put him to rest under his fav tree in the garden, again for this I am so grateful.

Obviously i missed mothers day, and my son bought me my fav flowers and then took pics of them as I could not have them in ICU, made me a wonderful cake etc... and wrote some amazing stuff to me on fb.

Without him and of course Alex I could not cope with my life and all its ups and downs that it seems to be throwing me at the minutes, and its the little things that when you are well you take so much for granted and mostly not even notice, that you see as HUGE things that mean so much when you are ill..... so to them I say a BIG thankyou, keep up the little gestures as these things really keep me going xxxxx

Snowy xx

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So glad you are home and have such a wonderful family to love and look after you. My heart goes out to you especially as we lost our gorgeous rescue cat Joey in July he too was 14. It is a real and genuine loss of a much loved family member. I am still in tears when I think of his last few weeks but try to remember the many good times when he was a little rascal!!! Look after yourself and get well soon X


I'm so sorry about your cat *hugs* Our cat Squeak went through something similar, she lost control of the back end of her body and had to have her put to sleep just over a year ago. My heart goes out to you.

Take care x



Snowy xx


I am so glad you've got such great love and support, its does make a difference to how you get through the tough times.

Take care of yourself xxx


Sorry to hear about your cat, it is very sad. I still remember the agony of losing our first dog and this is about 30 yrs ago. You've got such a nice husband and son, a real blessing. Hope ur feeling a bit better now. xx


massive hugs Snowy and to her family as well. xxx what an awful and stressful few weeks!

i'm so sorry to hear that you have been in Costa and in ITU - poor you, how scary. i am glad that you are recovered enough to be at home now, please rest lots and take your time getting fully better.

i am glad to hear that a memorial stone has been arranged for the lovely feline that has gone to wait for you at Rainbow Bridge.

i wish i had a place of rememberance for all the CATs i've lost, however they will always remain in my memories. you will have many happy memories to keep this little one alive in your hearts. i'm so sad that i want to cry with you (but agree that with a grumpy set of lungs its not a good idea).

take care, rest and thank you to the family of Snowy for being so strong xx ><>


You deserve every ounce of support I can give darling, despite all the crap you have been thro recently you never moan and just get on with it, your an inspiration!

And we both love you very much too



This is to Alex. A one in a million true friend and partner to Snowy. From what I've seen on here and elsewhere over this past 12 mths, you cope so admirably. How comforting for Snowy to have as a back drop to her life.


So sorry about your cat, it is so sad when you loose a pet isn't it.

Sounds as though you have an amazing family their Snowy always treasure those precious moments with them.


So sorry about you cat,they are a lovely part of a family. Wishing you well and lots of love after beeing tubed in hospital.Love to you Alex and Lewis xxx


so sorry to hear about your cat they are such an important part of the family or mine are. Having just spent five days in hospital with infections upsetting my lungs I was so happy to come home to two happy cats that my wonderful partner soon to be husband in November had looked after. Its the little things that people do around us that help us through the ups and downs. Big thank you to Alex and Lewis for helping you x


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