Cardiac Rehab

Hi everyone,

Well tomorrow I start my cardiac rehab, it seems a lifetime ago since that fatefull day in June when I was rushed into ITU and battled for my life for over a month, but now the time has come to try and repair the damage that the asthma attack and subsequent problems caused to my heart as I start my journey into rehab, but nervous and anxious as it seems everytime I try and forget the last few months something comes along that brings it all back to me.

Hoping this is now the last step and I can finally recover from that episode of my life and get back to normal !, but I have no real idea of what to expect when I get there!

Snowy xx

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  • hi snowy!

    glad youre taking this brave step towards a better life. ive never done cardio rehab, but have been told it is much like resp rehab, wich i have done twice. i also recently started a cardio education program.

    basically rehab consists of two main things: the education part, about the illness, symtoms, what to do, meds and possible side effects, also healthy eating/good exercise habits (sometimes includes healthy cooking lesson, yay!) this is with specially trained nurses, dieticians, sometimes the docs.

    then, the physical side, getting back into the habit of doing everyday things, the best way to do them, and where possible, getting gently back into some physical activity. this is done with the physio and adaptive sports teachers.

    your diet will probably be closely monitored during your stay, with one or more appointments with a dietician.

    you will also see the docs several times, get some tests done, and possible med changes.

    is it an inpatient thing? how long are you going for?

    hope all goes well!


  • Hi Rose,

    he did not mention anything about being an in-patient and it better not be as I have seen enough of hospitals this yr to last me a lifetime!

    They did say it wont follow the standard protocol as it was not from a heart attack etc so they prob wont look at diet etc as mine is damage to the heart from the severe infection I got when ventilated for so long, so they are trying to see if any of the damage caused can be reversed so I have no idea what to expect to be honest!

    Snowy xx

  • Good luck Snowy ,

    Hope all goes well and can be reversed xxx its a good caring ,loving heart xxxx

  • thanks for your reply snowy, i was very interested to hear it. as my heart problems also originate inn an infection (the common cold, but it went straight for my heart!). they did however discuss diet etc. with me, but i am clinically obese (steroids, depression and AD's). but if you dont have too much trouble on that side of things, it probs wont be much of an issue.

    hope all goes well, keep us informed (i would be interested tohear what yours is like...) all the best!


  • thankyou, and yes i will let you know how it goes.

    I dont have an issue with weight, and to be honest have only just got back to where I should be after loosing so much being on iv feeds for 5 weeks, and I home cook everything from scratch and eat very healthily anyway,

    take care

    Snowy xx

  • All the best Snowy. xx

  • Snowy,

    All the very best for your appointment

  • I hope it's all going well for you Snowy. :)

  • thanks guys..

    The appt was really tough both physically and emotionally.

    They went thro all the details of the 3 months I was in and every event that caused the heart problem, I had only just found out a lot of what went on when I was seriously ill so it was as lot to take in, then they did heaps of tests which again were hard as it just re-confirmed how damaged it is and how little i can do not compaired with before.

    I am going every week for now and they might want to do an intensive session with me being admitted but are going to speak to the ITU cons first who treated me at the time and referred me for this, as the last thing they want to do is cause a further setback with doing too much too soon.

    Just trying to relax now but its hard, keep finding myself crying for now reason and cant really focus on much at the min.

    Snowy xx

  • Snowy,

    i'm glad you went, maybe the first one is the hardest to deal with. so sorry its made you feel pretty crumby. i sort of know how it feels, as i get really depressed and anxious about all the info coming in, test results ect. the best thing, like you're doing, is just to try to relax, take you're mind off it, but if you need to, it may be a good idea to talk it over with someone (a friend etc.). also if you have any questions you could try making a list, so to ask them next time you go. that way you may feel you are taking more of an active part in your healing process.

    i really hope things go ok and that you start to feel better soon. pm me if you want to chat/rant...

    all the best!


  • Hoping you get it sorted soon hon. You when through a lot but you got through it. Let the family/friends encourage you., We are still here for you to hon.


  • Just to say,thinking of you and hope you find some answers with tests. lots of love and hugs xxx

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