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Buddy Safe system"" something I found that can work with asthma and saved my life!

I came across a product called the ""buddy safe"" or silent scream made and sold via the Lucie blackman trust, she was a young lady who got killed abroad when no-one knew who she was to locate her (i think thats the gist of it), anyway her family developed a range of saftey products which are aimed more for personal security than anything but was intreaged but this item as its like a small key fob that works as a panic alarm but is silent, no-one knows you have pressed it so guess for me is has a duel function as I have personal security too!. You link it to your phone (must have GPS/Bluetooth) and when activated sends texts and e-mails to the people you have set up as emergency contacts and tells them you are in trouble. I talked to them about it and about if i would work for me and my sudden asthma, when having an attack I cant speak and they agreed it was ideal, as not only does it alert as many people you have nominated that theres a problem but via the gps on the phone also sends an e-mail with a map giving your exact location.

This has already saved my life once, when out alone one night an attack happened, i immediatly pressed the button and my family were alerted, they managed to download the e-mail map and send help, I am sure without this I would not be here telling the tale as I was in a desperate state when the ambulance came.

Anyway it may or may not be for you, but thought I would share this and let you decide, but for a duel role of personal security and being able to allow people to find you when you cant talk to me its worth every penny... heres the blurb from their website:-


Most Personal Alarms Rely on Hope

Hope that you can reach your personal alarm , hope that someone hears, hope someone is able to help and hope that someone can reach you in time.

The BuddySafe range of products provide personal alarms with a real difference.

The BuddySafe personal alarm system is based on proven wireless technology. It's discreet, effective and wide ranging in its applications. It is designed to get speedy and effective assistance deployed to the point of need for employers, employees and parents alike.

Alert Us Without Alarming Them

Our services fulfil an ever increasing need in the personal protection market; allowing the user to raise the alarm discreetly and without escalating any volatile or dangerous situation. That's why we have designed a product that requires you to do the simplest of things in the case of an emergency or distress .. just press a button!

The core technology at the root of all BuddySafe Systems is the RF and Bluetooth enabled key-fobs. Using these technologies we are able to transmit critical locational data to whoever is responsible for your safety.

When the button is pressed, your BuddySafe ‘talks’ to your phone. Your phone then sends a silent message to the server, which then locates the phone through mobile phone positioning technology. This location data is then sent to any preset contacts you have set up, through text message, voice call and email, with a map attached to the email.

Their webiste is:



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Thanks for this Snowy - it sounds fab.

Do you have to, therefore, have bluetooth on your phone switched on permenantly? I know my phone you have to manually power up bluetooth when you want it, but other phones seem to have theirs on constantly.

It sounds like the perfect solution. What kind of figure would people be looking at cost-wise?


I think you do as it uses that as the tracking facility, but not 100% sure, mines always on so I dont know.

If you are over 18 (they sell it at cost to under 18's) its £29.99 to buy, then £14.99 set up fee and £5.99 per month, might seem a lot to some but a small price to pay for a human life I think !

Give them a call or e-mail them via their webiste if you want, I did and they were extreemly helpfull!




Hi, I have something similar which is provided free by the Local Council , through AGE CONCRN in our area.

The alarm system I have is called ""Community care alarm"" which is connected in our case to the HOSPITAL, if I feel unwell or threatened at all I can press the alarm button and I will be called back within seconds and I the operator does not hear me or hears something onto-wards through the speaker ...they will contact one of my 2 ""Buddies"" or the emergency services accordingly.

For what I understand this system is available throughout the UK.

I know is not quite the same as ""The buddy Safe System"" spoken about in this thread but none the less it may be exactly what some of those of us that are house bound would need.

Mine definitely has been a god sent as it not only reassures my family and friends of my well being but has meant that even if I take unwell anywhere within the range of my alarm ( in my case 200m from the hub of the system )the alarm system will continue to function.

I am sure that most of you are aware of this system already but I thought I would mention it just in case !!

Hugs from a VERY very cold Orkney Islands (Snowing and Gales)



Hello Snowy,

I did hear about Lucy Blackman etc. The buddy system sounds great - would be very useful for me if I was working out in the field more.

I work with GPS's doing maps but as separate unit to my mobile phone. (basic nokia thingy)

I would use it to get a grid ref to an emergency service if needed though if I was able ( ie tell them over the phone!)

If I ever upgraded I would look into it - will give peace of mind while doing field work in remote swamps of Essex.

Regards the call care alarms, like Susy has, BT have informed me that they are incompatible with Broadband on the same line?

Does anyone have the two running on the same line?

Just a query - sorry to hijack your thread snowy.

Thanks snowwy



Hi Kate... I have !! it works fine although soon after we had it installed we lost our land line , the Engineer came and sort it out...But I do not know if it was the Alarm or a problem with the actual line as we had just moved to this house !!!

I know I would not be without it now, You can wear the alarm either around the neck or wrist which ever suits best.

Hope you are keeping OK

Hugs and love from a wintry Orkney Isles



thats ok, I have looked into the call system but what I wont offer me is help when Im out alone which is why i opted for the other but I guess it depends how much time you spend out of the house!


Hi Snowy..I am so envious that you have the freedom to go out and about... For my part far too many allergies to make it safe... I do go out sometimes but have to carry a CASE of meds and Neb.

Snowing here... I know you will like that !




Wow Suzy I'm on my way up !!! I adore the snow and just live somewhere where we get hardly any, not fair!!

Im sorry that you are so housebound, I have to carry a heap of stuff too and mainly only go out when its to do with kids stuff, like school etc! as my husband works such long hours.

hope you are managing to keep well!



I'll have to look into the details of this, but I believe that if you dial the emergency services on 112 rather than 999 from a mobile, they automatically triangulate your location. Handy, as you wouldn't need to be able to do anything other than connect the call to summon assistance.

I believe this to be the case, accoding to the EMT that Kate and I both know. Worth looking into further, I think.


Hi Steve,

Yes, I think a mobile on 112 can be traced to a location, will ask someone at ambulance control or one of my Amb mates tommorrow!

112 also works better on a mobile and conects you to the right call centre so to speak - 999 may put you out of area I think!



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