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Just managed to escape from another admission, I have to say how brilliant everyone at my local surgery is as I know its not the same country wide! but went to GP as my chest did not feel right in the morning, she asked me to wait around there and have neb etc with the nurse to see if my chest settled down instead of just packing me off home alone, which is very good as when someone checked on me a few minutes later I had gone into a full sudden brittle attack and had collapsed, they called amb and carted me off .

Anyway im back home now and recovering, but its really nice to know that people do care enough to go the extra mile, even when the surgery was packed to the gunnels and she was already 30 mins behind when I went in, no amount of effect was sparred and time did not matter above my health which is reassuring to know!

Take care


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Hi Snowy,

Can I just say I agree with your post.

I too escaped another admission today, I went to the surgery to have my dressings changed on my hands and was fine, went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and started to feel tight chested and got wheezy, so went up to the surgery and the receptionist put me a room to be quiet and out the way of others and got the nurse to see me. She gave me a neb and kept checking on me as did the receptionist. I felt a tad guilty cos they were all busy and all behind because of me, but they still cared for me. They got the doc in ( Not my usual GP, but her hubby) and i had to have a second neb.

I was there for a few hours, but with their help etc i managed to avoid another admission and I am just so grateful that I have such a fantastic surgery and fantastic nurses, GPs and even receptionists.

I am better now, tired but better, but not happy that I have just amanged to get down to 20mg of pred and now had to go back upto 40mg for another week.

Take care



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